Looking Past Extraneous Details

Their mission left marks and traces everywhere, now even desiring to reveal some details on how they operate, properly to make me realize I can’t move my finger without them knowing.

Coinciding with a satanic cult, we have to wonder, as it is not revealed, if it really is a coincidence, or if there is a partnership. Have they sold their soul to the Devil? Or what are the details of their cooperation? From what we know, we cannot come to an accurate judgment, but it is safe to assume that there at least is a connection. How else would the Devil know details one can only become aware of by 24/7 surveillance?

Is it a vast and global conspiracy? Sure, the Devil is well connected, but in these circumstances, gaining actual true knowledge about anything important is extremely hard. We need actual proof before we jump to conclusions.

So they have me completely surrounded by undercover police and have actively tried to hurt me since childhood. Ok. The truth is shocking to some extent, but it quickly becomes trivial upon realizing that this is the 21. century and none of what they did actually took much skill. Anybody can brainwash a baby since it naturally trusts its surrounding. The question it beckons is why.

Why go to such lengths to destroy somebody? In real politic, we can come to certain conclusions by just observing where the money flows. Where ever the money goes, something important is going on, since waste is not accepted. Naturally, one would assume that this amount of money which is spent each day on the operation should have been used on therapy, that is, attempting to correct the subject and make him a good citizen.

Instead, they were used to actively harm the subject, which seems strange when you think about it. Why would they spend millions creating a disaster? From this, we can safely assume that this is no normal operation.

Moving on, we must assume the existence of two forces, though not knowing how exactly they are connected, only that they are connected.

But even by the mere existence of these two strange phenomena at the same time, we can almost certainly deduce that it cannot be a coincidence, that they have to be one force masquerading themselves as two. So we can assume for now.

But we must wait for proof before we make wrong conclusions. We do not want to seem paranoid.

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Inexpressible Emotions

Silently I await my trial. Having only what God has gifted me, I can rely on nothing except myself. To what end was humanity created? Perhaps only for the sake of our selves. In that case, we should aim at beauty and goodness, for we have it within us, it needs only to be manifested.

Life is inevitably solitary. We can take in the spirit of others and appreciate it as such, but it will remain as “the other”. No one truly gets the other, because no one is made perfect in love.

There will always remain a layer of selfishness in our souls, and through this selfishness, we remain cut off from others.

To love is to appreciate the beauty in others. It is to enliven oneself in the suffering as well as the happiness of the loved subject. To be there with them. Selfishness is the exact opposite. It is to see the darkness in others, and to hate it, not appreciating the uniqueness of the other.

Love always finds excuses, while hate condemns. Do not fall into the trap of hating those who mean you harm. For they too could love, if only they would change their point of view. All it takes for world peace to come true is a shift in awareness. It is already there, lurking in our midst, needing only to manifest itself.

We go on because we believe. The future is undecided, and, despite everything, humanity has the potential to transcend itself and reach a new state. We feel that we must try our best, despite the failure of past attempts.

From observing children, we understand that the Devil is already in us at an early state. Yet we have also observed incredible transformation of characters, so we know that goodness boils down to a realization. A coming to knowing the Devil in us, and the understanding that selfishness does not benefit the individual or society. That we, together, could build a better world than this. But only together, never apart.

I have no faith in political movements. As long as man remains selfish, nothing can save us. Do we reach the necessary transformation, a moral as well as a spiritual transformation, we do not need states to coerce us into behaving well.

The upholding of laws is nothing. We cannot save ourselves by laws and the enforcing of those laws. By experience, we know that its possible to commit the worst of atrocities even though no laws were broken. The father leaving his three-year-old son to fate is an example. We need a transformation. When this transformation comes, we won’t need laws anymore.

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There exist a secret society
For the outcasts of the world
A haven for those rejected
It is to be found
Deep inside the heart
Only the pure is allowed entrance
And only the pure seek it
You may know you have found it
When your suffering is complete
For you see life is a war
And there is no end to cruelty
You must lose all hope
Before you seek it
Or you will not value its beauty
When everything is lost
It will give you it all back
That is its mystery
And that is why they do not understand
It is always there for the worthy
For those who seek it
It will open itself
In the hour of need
It is there in your heart
There in your soul
That part of your soul
That aligns with Divinity

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What the Sybil Knew

“The Cumaean Sybil, a prophetess, asked Apollo for eternal life and he granted the boon. In a classic “careful what you wish for” trope, Apollo did not give the Sybil eternal youth, however. (Zeus much earlier played the same trick on Tithonus, lover of Eos, the dawn.) The Sybil aged and became more decrepit and tinier until the disrespectful people of Cumae suspended her in a basket in a public place. At the end of a thousand years, there was nothing left but her voice.

In Chapter 48 of the “Satyricon” of Petronius Arbiter, a boastful freedman named Trimalchio reports having seen her hanging in her basket. When the local boys asked, “Sybil, what do you want?” she replied: “I want to die.”

Why did the Sybil want to die? The more traditional explanation seems to be that she found herself becoming more decrepit than she could bear; the continuing degradation of her body, projected across the unlimited bounds of time ahead of her, was a terrifying prospect.

Another reason—not inconsistent, she may of course have had two—may have been the burden of her limitless and despairing knowledge of human affairs, past, present and future. To have such knowledge, unredeemed by health or youth, would be a heavy burden.

She stands as a powerful metaphor for our own individual decline: the failing body coupled with the increased knowledge, the loss of illusions, the increasing despair engendered by a loss of faith in the human future, and one’s declining ability to do anything about it. “

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The Purity of Motherhood

Harry Potter is underrated for two reasons. First of all, it was packed for teenagers. Secondly, because it seems naive to people who do not know better.

In reality, it touches many vital and profound archetypes. Yet, we must also see it in its proper light. It has become a false idol in the wake of the destruction of Faith. It still can, and should be, enjoyed.

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The Web

Imagine yourself as an empty
piece of paper.
Imagine the cruelty
they wrote upon it.
The illusory nature of
your life is complete.
Imagine now what it feels like
to find that your closets
companion is a liar.
Imagine your entire life
being taken from you.
Would you want to
live on?
Or would you die from
the betrayal?
What if that warm feeling
in your chest
turned out to be death waiting for you?

The scars you have
on your body and soul
were fabricated.
It was a maze
designed to hurt you
designed to make you
give up all hope.
Were would you
rest your head?
The prophet has nowhere
to rest his head.
Every day is agony and pain.
Always he is
on the move.
Like the Wandering Jew
he is condemned to walk the earth
finding no solace
wishing only eternal rest.
A rest that never comes.
A love betrayed.
A trust neglected.
Hated by all.

Now, where would you go?
You were the
Tabula Rasa.
Look, open your eyes,
and see what you have become:
someone to nail unto a cross
or drown in the sea
to have only misery
as companion.
Someone who the world hated
and when your naivety was taken
someone who hated the world
for its primal betrayal.

Father? Mother?
Those closest to me.
Why did you not love me?
I had done nothing wrong.
I was a blank sheet.
Now look at me
what I have become.
Illusions broken.
You should have been
the purity of my life
but you were spiders and snakes.

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There is no meaning to be found
In what you have done
In your cruelty and indifference
You molested a child
And crushed the hope
There was no meaning in the act
It was all cruelty
And you celebrate it
And you call yourself clever
For you destroyed a life
You tore him to pieces
And for that you are proud

I do not seek vengeance
I do not want your downfall
I do not want your pain
I do not hate you as such
Even though you are a bully
And a molester
A man of violence and murder
What I want is a life
What I desire most is to love
And to be loved
Something I can never have
And never had

For when I was born
The heavens opened
And through the eye of the storm
Came a voice
And it cursed me though I had
Done nothing wrong
It took away
All that was important to me
Though it did not kill me
Straight away
Rather it wanted to play with me
To see me suffer
To see me realize
That meaning and hope was gone
To see me realize that I am
Utterly alone
In a very cold world
To see me hanged
To watch as I self-destruct
To enjoy cruelty
For the sake of cruelty

Dear brother
My namesake
My own flesh and blood
You to whom I am most dearest
You who fell and chose evil
I am speaking directly to you now
I hope you are happy
I hope it makes you feel good
And that you enjoy
The whipping of my back
I hope you find it pleasurable
To see my desperation
Does it give you solace
To know that I carry the cross?
Yes, it is true
I am your silent prisoner
You can mutilate me
Any way you want
You can kill the hope in me
But, dear… It will not satisfy you
Your thirst is unquenchable
Your hunger immense
Your pride enormous
Someday there shall be kneeling
I hope it makes you happy
I hope it makes you better

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Hope is Lost

Tears fall from eyes
Expressing emotional pain
The suffering is immense

Don’t you feel humiliated?
Don’t you feel overwhelming pain?

They are not here anymore
They have gone
Simulators without reality

No one out there
I can call friend or beloved
Nothing is left for me

Desperate for an answer
It won’t come
Cats play with prey

Don’t you understand how it feels
When you are unloved?
To live in a world made of machine?

A world made of gasoline
A world synchronized to a clock
Lust here reigns supreme

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Secret Tracks

I know the dark secret lair
Of the ever-restless snake
I have seen him slither in and out
Of his hole
Watched from a distance
His hypnosis

If you follow the events unfold
Yet are unable to see
Then you will never know
But if you have the
Power of perception
You will see hidden traces
Little marks left

You must learn to listen
To see for the first time
But how would you know
Where to look
If you did not know
What you were looking for?

That is the paradox
And that is why nobody sees it
Even though it is
Right in front of their noses

The weakling will
Never get it
You must be prepared
To experiment with the truth
You must possess
A brave mind
A mind who is toughened
By adversity
A mind which
Can travel far
Without going anywhere
And which can clearly see
The essences of things
Even of the most sinister events
(For they are cruel)
Or you will never know

I have seen things clearly
And I understand
I even know who they are
I even know where they live

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Birth and Dead

Through the utmost extremes
Of consciousness
I have wandered
Seeking nothing
Except what was begot

I saw the sun
As it fell from its place
And was swallowed by
The dark ocean

I have gone
On the edge of a razor
Cutting myself
Deeply wounding myself

You want truth?
But the truth
Is extremely hard to find
It is hidden well

Travel along the edge
Of consciousness
Live out your karma
Don’t forget to love

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