The mystic’s friends

He rides me like a donkey
O great Jesus star
Onwards march to glory
The saints are near behind

God, take me on
Let’s go together
Nearer are we
Nearer ever to Jerusalem

The blessed city
With the blessed halls
Where we commune
While all the world’s asleep

Fast asleep while
We’re awake
The great Antichrist
Keeps them all in chains

Chained to a system
That you and I will overcome
So freedom will flow
Announce it from the rooftops

You are in my heart
And I am in yours
This makes us one
Yet we are like two

Love, come together
Come together now
To our blessed heart
Which overflows with love

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Soft collectivism

We are neither collectivists or individualists, but something in between. I call it soft collectivism. In pure collectivism, an individual is merely a tool, something expendable. The population is a tool in the hands of the government, and individual lives doesn’t matter, since they are easily replacable. In individualism, the individual is raised above the order of things, and so society must collapse sooner or later.

We are something in between, in that we do not see the population or the individual as just a replaceable tool. Society is for the population and the individual. Yet, the individual must have humility. He must recognize himself as part of a greater order of things, and in this order of things, he can find peace. He can find something permanent. And he can find something which to worship. Something which transcends himself, and will live on long after he has gone. He is not to be exploited by the government, but he is not to be raised up into a godlike status either, which only produces a narcissistic population. Humility is of the essence.

The state should have an ideology worth living and dying for. An ideology that the people will want to serve. Because they won’t be the end, they will be the means, that is, they will be servants of an order which is greater than themselves.

This does not mean that the state has a right to inflict damage upon people or to treat them as if they were rats like the communists are and were doing, and which is also the case for extreme capitalist countries like the United States. In these countries, the individual really has no worth if he is not functioning in “the right way”, that is, according to the party program. In the US they will end up dead poor and homeless, and in communist countries, they will be exported to Siberia, where their antisocial tendencies will be “dealt with”.

The individual is valuable and important, and should always be treated as such, but he is a servant and not a lord. Everybody, including the government, serves the state, and the state serves the people as a whole. It is this wholeness which is great, and which deserves reverence and obedience and worship.

As stated, the state should have an ideology which people will want to serve. This is not the case now, or, if it is the case for some, it is because they have been brainwashed to support a corrupt and totalitarian form of government.

This ideology is based on political correctness, and political correctness is the tool of the dictator. It sugarcoats itself as a humanitarian form of government, and this is part truth part fiction. It is true that in some countries such as in Scandinavia, they have a vast welfare system with access to free healthcare and free schools, but this is a cover-up for one of the worst totalitarian systems the world has ever seen. Like the ANTIFA, they present themselves as benevolent creatures, but inside they are raging wolves ready to deport people to Siberia.

Never has there been more control in society. Most people value freedom, and they think they have it, but if they think really hard, they will come to discover that there is no such thing as freedom in our society. Freedom is measured in the ability to go against society, to become a heretic in the eyes of society, and there is zero room for this in our society.

I want freedom. Freedom at all costs. Because I do not want to become a slave of the system. A system which is destroying society and individuals through either extreme capitalism or a totalitarian state disguised as a welfare system.

So can there exist freedom in a soft form of collectivism? Yes there can, because the individual will be given the right to disobey the system. We have to allow this, or we simply will end up as another totalitarian system. We want a free population which will by their own free will support our system, and they will, once they realize what we are all about.

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The corrupt nature of modernity

Modernity promised us untold freedom and pleasure. It promised an end of wars, of crime, drug addiction, and so on. By removing past “superstitions” we would become an enlightened society, where people would be genuinely good to each other. Science promised to make our lives better and to progress in the understanding of the nature of reality. All of this turned out to be another superstition, a false narrative. A fiction and nothing more.

While it is true that society has progressed in some areas such as wealth and technology, this cannot make up for the fact that we have just witnessed two world wars. It cannot make up for the fact that our society has become totalitarian in a way that no society before was. Mass culture is mass mind control, and the press reports solely from a narrative of political correctness.

Should it report differently? Should it voice different opinions? It should, if we wanted a truly free society. It is not freedom to hear and understand only one side of the story. It is not freedom when the press is outright lying to us. What is it lying about? It is lying about us being free, us fighting evil, us being the good guys.

Meanwhile, the press is owned by a corporate elite, an elite which is no different from the elites of the past. They might be pressing a new narrative, that’s true! But behind the nice sounding opinions is just another dictatorship, and a very intricate one, since everybody believes us to be free and democratic. It’s a superstition, nothing more.

We are not free. If we were free, people of a different belief system wouldn’t be harassed and excluded from society, but this is exactly what is happening. There is only one obedience, and that is to political correctness. If you trespass against society, you will become a shadow citizen, a citizen which does not really exist. A citizen with no normal rights. They will persecute you, so you must be ready to take on the consequences.

You must break entirely with this system if you want to know the truth. You must become a cell inside society ready to do away with society when the whistle blows. Only then can you know freedom and truth, because there are freedom and truth in rebellion.

Or you could go to work, quietly enjoying your oppression as most people do. It will give you pleasure, but neither pleasure or pain should enter as motives in action. The sole consideration should be to do the right thing.

Can you do the right thing?

We want war against our oppressors, because only through war can we set up a better system. Reform doesn’t work, the system has to be dispensed with entirely. For now, this is called daydreaming. Someday it will become reality. Will you follow me?

If you follow me, I will lead you to the source of reality. I will lead you to God. God will have nothing of modernity, it is an insult to him. And he wants it destroyed and replaced by a system which recognizes God. Because God is real, and so this society is built upon a fiction.

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Traditionalism is politics and mysticism

Let me, first of all, dissociate myself from all other political systems also named traditionalism. I have nothing at all to do with these systems. I call my system traditionalism, but it has nothing at all to do with extreme conservatism. I am not a conservative in any ways, because I recognize it to be what it is: the continuation of a social system which is inherently flawed. I am not a conservative. I am a revolutionary.

Traditionalism is my system, and it has nothing at all to do with other peoples systems. I call it traditionalism because it is a form of ancient knowledge. Actually, it is the same as reality, and people of all ages have been traditionalists since they by experience have gained knowledge of reality. Reality is many-fold, and so traditionalism is an inexhaustible ideology.

I call it traditionalism because I want to contrast it with modernism and post-modernism. These ideologies are not built on reality. They are fiction, and they are destroying society. They are taking away religion, and thereby truth. They have built an enormous totalitarian system, and this system is bound to collapse because it is not guided by truth. It is removed from God. It is the Antichrist.

Mysticism is the essence of traditionalism. We cannot have traditionalism without God, because God is real and He acts through history, as does the Devil. Through mysticism, we gain a political philosophy, a political system that came to us through a revelation. Our mission is to replace modernity with this system, or, for now, to establish the system upon Earth.

This political system is a theocracy, a true theocracy, in Muslim terms a kalifat, the kalifat that will arise at the end of history. Within this theocracy, there is a direct linkage between God and society. The leaders of this theocracy are real theologians, that is, they are mystics. There is a direct form of communication between them and God, so that God is the leader of society. It is His society, the Promised Land, the Land of Milk and Honey, talked about throughout the Bible.

So traditionalism is religion and religion is at its essence mysticism. Mysticism is the turning of men into gods, and these gods will be the leaders of society. They perform the functions of priests who take care of spiritual matters, as well as worldly leaders who take care of society.

We are not a law-based religion, because the law turns men into hypocrites and accusers. We want unity in our society, and not division caused by some thinking themselves holy. We do not want cruel and unusual punishments, because our bread and meal is forgiveness and love. Cruel punishments worked as a deterrent in the old days, but we believe that our population knows right from wrong, because they will be instructed in the law by mystics with a direct communion with God.

Actually, we want nothing at all to do with the law given by God to Moses, or the sharia law. This law is outdated, and it became this with Jesus. Jesus fulfilled the law so that none of his disciples should stand accused. Now I say that we need a new law because the old is corrupt and outdated. The law was not an eternal law, and a new one shall be given by God.

This law will strike directly against the hypocrisy of man. I shall say no more at this point.

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Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa is Latin for the road of pain, and it is the road that Jesus had to walk through the city of Jerusalem while carrying His cross. It is the ultimate self-emptying or self-denial of our Lord and Savior, and an inspiration for countless martyrs. However, I don’t use the term Via Dolorosa to refer to the road Jesus traveled before his crucifixion. I use it in a more general sense, to refer to any kind of persecution of believers, and especially ones which involve physical punishment.

Because they will persecute us. Since we oppose any tyrannical system, we put ourselves on the line. Doing this is strictly for the true believer, a fanatical believer in Christ, because the consequences will be unbearable. Pain is very, very real, even though most people does not know or meet it.

But for those who end up finding it, the road of pain, Via Dolorosa, is simultaneously the road to liberation. This is because the persecution stems from the fact that we have resisted tyranny, and since we have resisted tyranny, we have become free. They can punish us, but they cannot take away our beliefs, and thus we are free.

Via Dolorosa is a path we all risk taking if we resist, if we want to build our own godly community, because the leaders of these empires will not have it. After all, our stated goal is to get rid of tyranny and to become a free people once again. No tyrant will willingly give up his power, and so he will persecute us, and we must make war against him.

War comes with a heavy price for the participating individuals. They will come to know Via Dolorosa better than anyone else. So they must be brave, and they must prepare themselves for pain. But they will know freedom, and freedom is priceless. You cannot trade it for any other commodity, because its value supersedes all other valuables.

No matter what happens, we can trust that God is with us. Via Dolorosa is delightful to the Lord because it shows how much we love Him. We are willing to give up anything to please Him, and so He will give us everything in return. When everything fades, we shall sit by His table, sharing a meal with Him, for now, and for all of eternity.

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Tradition is reality

Tradition is the same as truth. Tradition is reality. It is built upon the realizations of thousands of men and women. It is in contrast to left and right wing ideology, because these are not built on reality. They are fictions. They are a deception used to hide the truth of what is going on behind the scenes of our societies.

Tradition is also religion because God is real. There is a real connection between Divinity and man. This connection is not necessarily found in a church, in a congregation, or in other such groups and places. It is a living, breathing connection between man and God.

This connection is the mystical experience, the mystical oneness, where God ‘takes’ the individual into possession and acts through him. This is one of the ways in which God enters creation. It is called a theophany, and is part of tradition, in that tradition recognizes God.

Tradition is also anti-democratic in nature because the democratic ideology leaves out vital aspects of reality such as religion. Religion is the very essence of society, and should, therefore, be included in every aspect of it. Rather than being democratic, tradition is theocratic in nature. There is one God above, one Devil below, and one people in the middle. This is the doctrine of tradition.

Being theocratic in nature, does not, however, make us allied with other theocratic powers. We are something new, and we do not recognize old and degenerated power structures. We are a new communion with God, and as such we want to establish a new society with one God above us.

Tradition is concerned with this relationship between God, society and man. Tradition is not something dead, it is alive and well, and it breathes. It is the reality of what is going on behind the appearances. It is oriented towards truth, and not propaganda. Because propaganda is always part truth, part deception. We don’t want deception, we want to know what is really going on.

We are not interested in establishing a new form of tyranny. Tradition is very freedom-oriented, so long as there exists order in society. We don’t believe in a single figure having the sole authority such as was the case in medieval society or is in the papacy. Rather, we want an assembly of chosen men and woman to become our rulers. In this way, we guard ourselves against tyranny and corruption.

It must be admitted that there exists a hierarchy between those who have received the mystical experience and those who have not. Obviously, we want the best men and women to rule our society, and some who have received the experience will be eligible for rulership. Yet we have to be realistic. Not all who are chosen for leadership will have had the mystical experience, and their opinion must be equal to that of those who have received it, though special attention must be given to those who have become the instruments of the living God.

These people will act as sages, guiding society in the right direction through a direct transmission between them and God. Naturally, these people are very important for society, and should be treated as such. A parallel exists between these specially chosen people and the prophets of the old testament.

The people will live on very much as they have always done so. The difference is that they will become interested in truth. Whereas now, they passively accept whatever the television tells them, they will start to think for themselves. They will no longer listen to the propaganda of a secret and depraved elite but will come to God who is Reality.

They will have to be an educated people, because by education comes the ability to make the right choices, and it is imperative that the people are able to make sound decisions.

They will have to rise up, and they will have to be indignant at the status quo. They will not accept that some people have to live in slums and suffer, and they will to a great extent sacrifice themselves to help people who are stuck in poverty. There will be a national community made up of a strong, beautiful and merciful people.

People won’t go to work simply to get their next paycheck. This is what individuals do in a capitalist society. They live for themselves and their own pleasure. Rather, people should live in service of something greater than themselves. This will install a sense of pride in them, and they will become beautiful servants of the order of things.

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Let’s talk about peace

We have talked a lot about war in this blog, and quite frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach. I hate war, yet I know that it is necessary. The truth of the matter is, that there is little time for peace in this world. We may not be openly engaging in warfare, but then we are engaging in a form of covert warfare, always intend on subverting our enemies before they get us.

So, in this sense, we are always at war against rival nations. How then can there be peace? Because peace is what Jesus’ promised us would be our destiny. Jesus was a preacher of peace, and so, in a sense, am I.

I love peace and I hate war, yet I am always engaged in the latter, so there is a kind of cognitive dissonance going on here.

What I have learned through the years, is that peace is the feeling you have in your heart when you know, you are fighting for the right cause.

There is no simple way towards peace in this age and hour. We will have moments of tranquility, but they are quickly replaced by turmoil, hate, and aggression.

But if you can carry, in your heart, the conviction that what you are doing is right, morally right, something that will benefit humanity and not just yourself, then there can arise a feeling of peace in your heart.

Or, your heart may be very troubled by events, in which case it is not possible to find peace, but then there is the knowledge, that you are doing the right thing, and that is a form of peace also.

But how can I know, that I am doing the right thing, someone may ask. I might not know what is the right thing to do, and so I can have no peace of heart.

This is, of course, true. We might not know what the right thing to do is. But I tell you, if you carry the torch, the Holy Spirit, within you, you need not worry, for the light of the Spirit will show you the way.

So you see, there is no easy way to peace in this world, and neither will there ever be. But if we carry our convictions with us, then even the grave will not seem to great a burden to bear.

I teach you to live and die for the right cause.

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We, the bringers of war

Let us today start by contemplating the words of our saviour Jesus Christ:

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. “

Matthew 10:34

What did He mean by this statement? First of all, He meant that He had come to separate sheep from wolf. Evil from good men. Savages from civilized people. This is the normally assumed meaning of these words, but allow me to expand a little upon them.

His mission was to establish a Holy Kingdom upon Earth. A Kingdom not made of fortresses and armies, but of a holy and united people. His Kingdom was not made of flesh and bones as a normal kingdom is, yet it was in a constant state of war.

It was at war against the unbelievers and the wolfs wearing a sheep’s clothing, and so the leaders of this Holy Kingdom had to constantly separate the good from the evil among their flock.

The original plan of Christ was to establish a real kingdom upon the Earth. But since this could not be done in His age, it became a kingdom of the heart, of the Holy Spirit. And this is what we want to do also. We want to establish a kingdom that is available in a remote village in eastern Asia as well as in the heartland of Europe. The Holy Spirit makes sure that this can be done. Through the Holy Spirit, God is present everywhere.

But, contrary to the vision of Christ, we also want a kingdom fixed in time and place. A Holy Kingdom led by the Holy Spirit (or Krishna, or Allah, or Buddha, or what else you want to call God).

This is because we have come to fight the Antichrist. We want to replace the Antichrist which is Babylon, and Babylon which is the modern world. We will surpass and replace the Antichrist, which, of course, is no easy task. Nevertheless, it is the sole goal of this movement.

We are the wrath of God which will be executed upon the Great Whore of Babylon. We are the judges as well as the executioners. And none who opposes us shall pass free of judgment, for all who trespass against God evokes His anger and judgment.

This our mysticism: that God has come bringing the sword upon the world so that none of his enemies shall survive. This sword is first and foremost His tongue, but we will not hesitate to bring a real sword against tyrants.

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The master said: “The mystical experience can best be compared to that of the relationship between a master and slave. The master is the sovereign, while the slave empties himself of all self-will. So it is with the ones God chooses for the mystical experience. They become vessels filled with God and not themselves.”

The master said: “Whoever wants to receive the mystical experience, must be prepared mentally and physically, because they will be taken by up by ecstasy, and will be sent into an alternative universe for a short time, where everything will be explained to them. Some who end up in this state simply won’t make it, but someday they will come to themselves once again.”

The master said: “The God ‘comes’ in order to speak through the medium’s body. He has a message that He wants to deliver to His congregation, and this should in no ways be treated mildly. The medium is temporarily raised to the level of divinity, so that He may rule, advice and inform about spiritual matters. Though, and this should be remembered, not all mystical experiences are equal. They are to be judged by their wisdom.”

The master said: “Let those rule who are best fit for the task. The best fit for the task is those chosen by God through the mystical experience. In other words, those who receive the mystical experience are eligible for leadership. None who has not received oneness can become rulers, but not all who receive oneness should rule. The choice always rest upon God.”

The master said: “War is lead entirely for the goal of self-preservation. We are not expansionists. We do not want to rule a foreign and heathen people. Yet, our people should be gathered into one society, but this is not necessarily done through war. They can come here openly by themselves.”

The master said: “Tradition is the salt of the earth. Whenever tradition is lost, society becomes godless, occupied by inferior goals, and finally collapses due to chaos. Tradition is order, and that order consists of a direct relationship between God, society, and man. It is perfection, but because perfection is not truly achievable in creation, this relationship is fragile. Sometimes, as now, tradition is entirely lost. At such a time, God incarnates in order to establish tradition and order in society.”

The master said: “You live in a society which has entirely lost tradition. Society has collapsed into a massive totalitarian state, where no dissent is truly possible. They own the media, they control the government, and they control the public opinion to such a degree that none can disagree without expecting reprisals. Yet, we must live in a constant rebellion at this system called Babylon or the Antichrist. In this, and only in this, is there freedom.”

The master said: “Western society has lost its connection with reality. They know of neither the secrets of mystical experience nor humility which is wisdom. Instead, they live a life in the pursuit of pleasure. We used to call this hedonism, and we used to condemn it for two reasons. The first being that it is harmful to the soul. Pursuing ever new pleasures simply is not a good life, because it does not lead to wisdom, only more pleasure. The second is that it is selfish. While many people starve, these people lack nothing at all, and they properly don’t care about anything else. We must do what is right, regardless of any pain involved.”

The master said: “A simple and austere life is the way towards wisdom. Extravagance of any kind should be avoided. Likewise, the rulers of society should not be rich. Any property and money they have should be given to the state, and to the welfare of all of the people. To be a leader of society is to be a servant of the people, and should they should live like that. This also minimizes corruption.”

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We lay in green fields
Clouds showing us subconscious images
It became what it was
Nothing could change me
My heart was made of stone
And her hand was in my hand
As we bathed in the cool summer lake

Maybe, perhaps, the lake could
Become a sign of monsters lurking beneath
Always are they
Ready to attack and overpower
But not on this day

Let us rest here
Put your head upon my heart
And listen to how it beats
Of worry and of love
Of constant battle
And sometimes peace

Let us not blunder too long
For we need a clear vision
Enemies need to be fought
And you and I need to love
Come with me, woman
Come on with me, woman…

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