Men are not naturally brothers. Strife and war is set between them, and that is their condition. A man should be strong and pragmatic, hardened through years of dark winter nights. Woe be to the useless and weak, for there is no place here on Earth for them. We are a morality of might, for that is the natural condition for gods. None of us are like princesses, more like the tales of pre-Christian Scandinavia, but not pompous and boastful like the Greeks.

God is like a magician or wizard, able to alter reality to his wish and desire. Upon further insepction, common sense properly breaks down and reveals a radical different state of the real, while common sense remains still with the common people. There is nothing to fear, for reality remains what it is despite any pain it may cause us, or any delusions and lack of knowledge we might have.

Perhaps we were once an elf-like race existing in a perfectly ordered universe, but then our solar system got swallowed by a chaos-structure such as a black hole, and now our reality seems to be unstable.

The only assumption we should make is that we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

The common people in their archetypical form represents something simple, yet pure and good. They too are pragmatic, as pragmatic as it comes, and though they tend to live in houses, it would be to overestimate them to call them rich. But they too can quickly degenerate into petty behavior, yet they deserve our love and not our arrogance. Though we cannot meet in this life.

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Don’t Expect Anything

You do not know suffering
You have not seen
The eyes of the tiger
You have not felt
The pain and the terror
Were you there
In the secret hours
Of my betrayal?
You were properly eating your lunch
So numb you can’t even
Begin to understand
The meaninglessness of your life
Pleasure Land is a walled garden
Nothing real penetrates its borders
Have you seen their eyes?
Have you seen their limbs?
Have you heard their cries?
You can’t even begin
To understand
How spoiled you are
Your arrogance reaches the heavens
How can you expect
That I will help you
In the hour of your need?
How can you expect
My hand
When you spat me in my face?
If you are too suffer
Don’t expect
That I will help you
You need realism
You need pain
You need to experience horror
If we are to cure your incessant
How could you understand
The needfulness in their eyes?
You who have everything
Your arrogance disturbs me
Your hedonism is complete

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What Does Satanism, Pedophilia, and the Elite Have in Common?

It might sound like a crazy conspiracy theory to you, but the death of the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was no accident. He didn’t commit suicide, he was murdered, because they, the elite pedophiles, wanted to cover-up their disgusting crimes. We want to believe that we are ruled by beneficent, democratically elected leaders, but the death of Epstein might prove that we are mistaken, since this pedophile was friends with, among many other famous and powerful people, the Clintons and Donald Trump.

So does it sound like a conspiracy-theory in your mind? That’s likely the case only because you are exceptionally ordinary and naive. You believe the lying, fake news press, and you believe the narrative they print of a moral, democratic, and prosperous Western ‘World Order’.

And you have never personally been stalked, harassed, and persecuted by powerful people, now have you? Well, then, the truth must be that I am a crazy conspiracy-theorist, and YOU, you who always pays so close attention to the hypnotic television and the all-knowing press must be the enlightened one. Oh yes, that’s how the world is, yes…. Nothing upsetting can be true.

Well, you are a… fool! The real nature of the “elite” is radically different from how they portray themselves, and you are extremely foolish for believing otherwise.

In case you haven’t noticed, history shows us, that the elites have always been subhuman degenerates, though with some few noble exceptions.

It’s a cliche that power corrupts, and that the corrupts seeks power, but it still makes sense. If you are corrupt and powerful, then most likely, you want to have other corrupt psychopaths on your team, so they protect each other.

As stated above, Donald Trump knew that Epstein was a pedophile, describing him as someone fun to be around and who likes young girls, and, yet, despite Epsteins pedophilia, he still saw him as a friend and allied, which should make you wonder what Trumps sex life might be like, or even what his intention for being friends with a person he knew were a pedophile was.

Most of our press, seem to protect or cherish the Democratic Party at the expense of Trump and the Republican Party, and almost everybody (except the naive) know through experience with similar types and sheer intuition, that Trump is corrupt as hell. We often portray presidents from the Democratic Party as the moral force in politics (we remember Barack Obama who was loved by “everybody”), but the link between Epstein and the Clintons might prove that this is not true.

Perhaps the Democratic Party is corrupt. In that case, what do we do? Who do we turn too? There seems to be little hope out there… Perhaps we could turn to Bernie Sanders? But then again, properly not, since he is no real opposition to the Clinton-Dynasty. He was placed there merely to consume those votes sceptical of the establishment, to give those weary of Big Politics a false sense of hope.

He is not real. He is properly manufactured by the same people in charge of the PR-campaign of the Clintons. He is phony, like the rest.

So, there seems to be nowhere where we can rest our heads. Will the people ever rise and smash the chain that binds them? Perhaps, or perhaps not. We badly need it. And we need to destroy insane totalitarian systems like they have in China and Sovie… Uhm… I mean, Russia.

Before it is too late.

Because by the power of technology Anno 2019, they who have the power will be able to build systems that can never be challenged. So we need it now, and not tomorrow. Rise and free yourself!

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I am someone lost
Someone not easily defined
I am someone free
Don’t judge me
How could you understand me?
I am not comprehended
By one easy sentence
I am a multitude
I am someone
Released from the production
I am undefined

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Interview With a Dead One

I, Abu Garrhad, an awakened soul, sought the council of a dead one. We discussed many important things, and I was allowed to interview him.

Who are you?

Nothing and no one. I am completely unimportant. None of this is about me. I am one who saw God in a vision, an experience that fundamentally altered me forever. I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of God, so that they too can be transformed.

How did you meet God?

Many years ago when I was hiking in Lapland in Northern Sweden, I decided to climb a mountain. Once at the top, a thunderstorm appeared – a very dangerous phenomenon, because I was standing at the peak of the mountain – but then a piercing light appeared inside the dark clouds, and I saw what appeared to be a beautiful man with a crown made of gold upon his head. I stayed there for about a week, not drinking and not eating, while the man told me secret things.

What did you do then?

The things He told me… It terrified me. I was frightened of Him. I became terrified by knowing that I exist. A great burden was placed on my shoulders, and I suffer each day knowing what I know. It seems to great a burden for anybody to carry. People don’t understand who God is. He is a power so strong, that nothing, nothing at all, can match Him. I wish I could live on in ignorance, that this task wasn’t appointed to me, but then again I don’t want to be a coward.

I see you often use the concept of simulation or simulacra. Can you explain what it means?

There are dark and sinister forces out there. Beasts that lurk in the shadows. Civilization only exists in so far as people agree to uphold what can be called the social contract. It can break down at anytime, and it does so, whenever somebody denies the law or the contract. Man are still beastly, some more than others. That is a fact we have to live with, a burden we have to carry.

What I call a simulacrum is one of the oldest trick in the book of the CIA and other such organisations. It is like a roleplay, but deadly serious. Little by little they surround their target by undercover agents (without his knowledge), until most of his social circle consists of these roleplayers. Then they can manipulate and hurt him anyway they want.

What do you do to stay sane in a world covered by shadows?

The older I grow, the more I fear for those close to me, my brothers and sisters around the world, and myself. Sometimes being alive feels like a waking nightmare. The more terror and hatred I witness, the weaker I seem to become. I have to constantly remind myself that there too is good in the world. Honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of it, but then again, I am certain that it is there. Love is real, and ultimately it overcomes darkness.

We have to forgive those who hurts us. These terrible evil deeds are not isolated phenomenons, but a sign of global decadence. I don’t necessarily consider the Taoist idea of a constant interplay between good and evil to be true. Goodness can prevail. All it takes is a global metanoia, because ultimately humanity becomes what it chooses to be.

How do you see our nearest future?

There will be a lot more violence and murder from all kinds of powers. Civilization will break down in local areas in all the corners of the world, and more terrorists will appear on the world stage. We will have to keep a close eye on the neo-fascists. Our states will grow increasingly totalitarian, and many people will die from starvation and war. If the 20th century was the clash of ideologies, we are now in the Age of the Oligarchs, and they are reactionary in nature. Democracy is illusory. This, our nearest future, is no pretty place.

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Ritualistic Abuse

The Western World is supposedly hailed as the good guy in an otherwise evil world. But what if this were mere fiction and propaganda? We know about the extensive torture of Islamic terrorists after 9/11, yet it seems that most people are more interested in the quality of their pudding than the rights of their fellow human beings.

And by the hypnotic quality of the television, even the most sensitive souls quickly fall asleep again. Nothing is done, because, despite the promise of democracy, none can change anything. They do what they will, whenever they will.

So the Land of Plenty slides ever further into a dark pit. No one knows what really goes on, but through declassified material, we can ascertain that all talk of human rights is fictitious talk. Furthermore, what they reveal to the public is carefully orchestrated. Reality is much worse.

Since child, he was essentially excluded from society. He was a ghost detainee par excellence, not really existing as other citizens does, and having all rights and freedoms stripped from him.

Living in a simulation at a black site (a prison inside society) meant to inflict pain and trauma.

Once established, then the torture began. Here are my accusations:

Sophisticated public humiliation. Harrased and threathened almost daily. Purposefully kept in drug abuse through at least six years. On several occasions given enough drugs to almost cause an overdose. Given a drug which causes blackouts, and properly humiliated in that condition (from what I can recollect). Pushed violently around and hit in the head several times. Strangulated until blackout (close to death). Kept through several years in a state close to starvation. Manufactured suicide attempt. Extensive psychological torture. Molestation as a child by two close relatives. Purposefully neglect as a child. Manufactured brain damage. Sprayed in eyes with teargas. Chained to a bed, unable to move hands and feets many times. False psychological diagnosis. Purposefully given medication with bizarre side effects. Deceived and manipulated into accepting absurd propositions. Complete social exclusion. Excluded from jobs and educational institutions. False prison sentence (lifetime, never to be included in society despite being innocent). Stripped of all basic rights. No trial. Being born into a state similar to slavery.

So will they plead guilty? Properly not, since psychopaths are per definition without remorse.

Everything was done inside the territory of Scandinavia, countries otherwise known for their human rights and extensive social welfare programs, which should be enough to make anybody suspicious of their government.

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Some Insight Into the Nature of our “Democratic” Institutions

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The El Paso-Shooter and the Rise of Alt-Right Terrorism

The past eight months of the year 2019, we have witnessed three or four massacras, all commited by loyal alt-right extremists, who have all posted a manifesto on either 4chan or 8chan, yet the press still refuses to see the obvious connection between these events, properly because they thrive on our ignorance.

And so does the organizers of these events, because, despite what the press wants you to think, these events do not happen by themselves. Someone wants to see them done, and I bet you they are organized.

The Devil is lurking on the dark pages of the internet (and the darkweb), and his narcissism and boldness grows each time he sees his work on the television.

This time it happened in El Paso:

A shooting at a sprawling shopping complex in El Paso on Saturday left at least 20 people dead, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.
More than two dozen people were injured in the shooting at Walmart, where some of the chaos was caught on camera. Images showed victims lying in the parking lot.
Police say they have a 21-year-old man in custody in connection with the shooting, and they believe that he is the author of a racist, anti-Hispanic document laying out motivations for the shooting.

Both the Christchurch shooter and the El Paso nerd had elements of environmentalism in their manifestos, which is properly not an accident, and which might prove the existence of an actual online terrorist school.

How do they do it without being caught by the FBI? They properly have their methods, because the Devil is not unintelligent, he is organized and good at what he does.’

Some might claim that the organizers are part of a Satanic cult, but making such claims are silly, because most people are too caught up in their own world to realize that it might be more than just strange and psychotic claims.

The day I learned about this event, I let a candlelight glow through the night, not only for the victims, but also for the perpetrator. Because, Patrick Crusius was a depressed young man who set out on a suicide mission, because he wanted to matter, when all of society, including his classmates and the girls he wanted to date, told him he was a useless freak.

And, unlike the filthy people who used him and then discarded him like trash, I won’t reject him when he comes to me.

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Understanding the Ancient Sumerians

Through reading ancient myths and other texts, we learn that some of the first literate cultures was above all else cultures of manliness, vigor, and virility. They were based on an unhinged indulgence of sexual desire, which manifestsed in all areas of their lives. Being based around the two rivers of Euphrates and Tigris, their cults was mainly occupied with securing the material prosperity of their city-states and, later, their kingdoms.

The myths and other texts we have from the Sumerians reflects the upper classes, especially the royal court. It is full of references to luxury items such as perfume and they are fixated on power. The upper classes held the key to the realm of the gods through cults and temples, though there are some evidence that each person had a personal god to which he was bound, reflecting later trends where the individual came to play a greater role.

One has to understand about these societies, that they were much closer to production than we are today. A good harvest was everything, since no safety-nets existed. This is the reason why their cults were concerned with securing food and oil in abundance. It reflected their deepest fears and needs, and sometimes the gods were merciful.

Religion was then conservative in nature, meaning that it played a role in maintaining existing power structures instead of critizising it and wanting to transform society into one of greater equality.

This partly changed with the arrival of Buddhism a few thousand years later. Though Buddhism was never interested in politics as such, it became interested in the suffering of the individual, and was less interested in securing more perfume for the court, and in that is a hidden critique of the existing power structures. Religion shifted its focus from being something the upper classes owned, to being about the individual, and his relationship with God and his salvation or enlightenment.

This is a trend we see especially clearly with the coming of Christ.

Where the Sumerians were mainly a pleasure oriented culture, Christianity values strict morality and mild to extreme asceticism, though God remains an archaic and ancient god, in the sense that he is placed firmly above humans, and the worshipper exists in the same master-slave relationship as was always the case. God is authoritarian in His very nature, and demands total obediance and loyalty, like any other god from any other ancient culture.

Still, Christianity represents a fundamental break with these ancient cultures, to the point where He is crucified and humiliated by the priesthood of the ‘Old Religon’, a fitting symbolic act for a revolution of values. The ancient priesthood and power structures now became known as the ‘Whore of Babylon’ and the ‘Spirit of the Antichrist’, pointing directly at them as enemies.

Christianity sought to tame our anti-social tendencies by strictly forbidding us to harm other persons. We are only allowed to do good to others, where good means having a sense of lovingkindness toward all other beings. Christ was above all else about love, something new. It is doubtful that love, other than in the sense of sexual intercourse, existed as a concept before Christ.

(Morality is essentially to treat everbody as an object worthy of love. You don’t have to love everybody, that would be absurd but you don’t harm others, you only improve them.)

Instead of worshipping manly vigor and hierarchy, like the Sumerians, we entered a period where humility, (platonic) love, and a denial of worldly power were at the center stage of spiritual life.

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The Importance of Morality

Morality is that one construct of human existence that permeates his experience from birth to dead, and it is arguably the noblest field to study because by it you engage in your own mythical Armagaddon.

All choices are moral choices even if unconscious. From baby we “learn to behave”, we learn the moral code of our parents. Yet, it is a field widely unstudied by the general mass of people, which explains why our societes are so messy. Instead of becoming a beacon of hope, our keepers thrive by our ignorance.

Good and evil exist in a hierarchical relationship, where goodness is inherently better than evil. Further more, the good are rewarded while evil is punished. By engaging in evil activities, it is said that one destroys ones soul. This is of course metaphorical language. What it means is that something in ones essence hates evil and suffer by it. It is against nature, so to speak.

By becoming aware of the Personality of the Godhead through a mystical experience, one simultaneously find one in the presence of something fundamentally good and beneficent. Despite what the modern man thinks, there are care for humanity on the top floor.

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