Pale tender gods

This raging superstition has me taken
this mad fellowship turns on
thick closets hides the urn

Friendships turned to ashes
like the pristine wilderness
it revels in its glory

Could not deny inner recesses
could not discover true meanings
were blasted through the ceiling

As if we had no choice
but to believe strange fictions
none of this comes about easily

Could not deny the wants of the eyes
could not see through the maddening fury
could not discover true meanings

But were taken and led on
by glorious fictions
as if we had no choice but to believe

Could not tell about circumstances
from a blink of an eye
there is friendship among the gods

These distant races
seen from behind
to glorious to behold

These mad places
unwelcomed hostages
could divert their attention for a second

This mad intelligence rages on
we are on for the show
truth-telling became easy

Not to tell of the races
fictitious entities
hiding in a closet

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Fifty grand oaks towers above us
beneath brances they lurk
come to my great day and pass through

These oaks were like the ocean
could not deny faces seen
these faces tied to our belly

Still going strong despite the current
but seventy men came across
looking for shade in the grass

These were tied to our belly
these faces
these claws

In a single slip second
we considered the greatness
of moving forward

But we had to pause because of the weight
we were tied down
as they were tied to our belly

We couldn’t see them up close
they were trashed
like a scar that never healed

Up close we had to pinch our eyes
the shining thing they put to our faces
immovable and poisonous

No we never knew their whereabouts
yet they came looking for us
caught us in a split second

Suprisingly still
my observations flattered

Wings that flapped
pigs who ate
flowers lacking all taste

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Occasional Grime

Greasy tunip flowers
is for a winters day prime
but uneasy and complicated

Look through the mirror
what are you within?
pieces of ashes and dust

Above it – eternal unrest
Malice for a wide generation
uncomplicated evil

Grease me in your fortitude
your dusty bravery
silent cowering before you

Trace my wicked odour to its source
smells like a lofty generation
completely entrusted to you

My wicked and horrible smell
it is just a shell
crack it wide open

Trash my vigour and my dark orgies
completely ecstatic
just crack it wide open

Trace my distastefulness to your village
I am that silent gesture
took you for granted

I am not horrible
just for the occassion
let’s bath in our secret perfumes

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The Sun in my Eyes

By pressing substantial claims
lets not fortify
against all odds we are here
nothing to surrender

The Moon is bathing in my skin
cannot change direction
grey and full of sorrow it blossoms
against all odds

Simply a fortified position
unlocking desperate measures
to be overcome
and to surrender

Seems we gave in too oblivion
without the gaze of the crowd
we did mighty deeds
no one there to praise it

Future is concerned solely with ambition
you will have to die to escape
but it will fill your chest
so full of life when they are young

Tender meat and for the occasion burned
hung upon a cross
the crowd is fleeing against good will
someone seems to notice

They owe me a treasure
so full of light
cannot comprehend the infinitudes
it is beyond reason

Obeying became my path
full of dark memories
in these moments – joy
in these moments – endless flickering

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News are going to reach ears
Of summits and clearly seen visions
Cannot come to betray the inner
The outer is mere upholstery

Narcotic sweet flavors of a multitude
Flows through my interior
Beaten like a day of strife
I lie here wasted like the icons

Don’t betray untouchable impulses
Feeling uneasy because of the heat
This stifling summer heat
Burned to oblivion all senses

Cast out the net because these fishes
Are mighty indeed
Collected through careful planning
All spent like diesel

Sixty years from now I’ll be a hero
Planning on setting it through
Touching the beats with my tongue
Licking it all up

But don’t go on needlessly
Don’t give up out of shame
Lay hands on the feast
Feast is mighty indeed

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For a while stay for the occasion
Climb mountain filled with needs
Chastity is far away and obscured

Reckless like a pioneer
Unable to falter and stand still
Cannot endure these broken wastelands

Flowers unites and spills their murky passion
Upon the furthest peak is a destitude
Fully in union with a divine being

Seeking solace where it was lost
Hopefully fleeting like the shadows we sensed
Clouds gather and tear at my flesh

The Gospel is the unity of being
Like a messenger high on oxygen
We desperatly clinged to its message

For further evidence let me state
Nothing comes about on its own
Years are coming at full speed

The things we spoke about are secret
Nothing can be divulged
If it was not already a possibility

Daydreams tells of an encore
Not so hasty on those feets
Living nightmares abound

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Twice removed by a storm
it has come to pass now
is no longer ignored

Simply to put on trousers
looking to score
no longer a burden

Tunnel collapses under my weight
it has its origin far below
coming now to surface above

Not a failure and will go on
sitting besides calm rivers
destined to play fiddle

In my chest is contained the blueprint
fail not to observe its essence
they are open to receive

It underscores the living nightmare
death walks the city
as if the crowd would notice me

Go under and deeper still
silent roam the wilderness
heart is full of wonders

This my message is your ruin
twice I came through the storm
heroic like something ancient

He is in my deepest belongings
cannot endure what will come
as if we were made of glass

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My salvation

To be joined and possessed
neither is a calling
set it up but don’t go too far

Lies are tragic in essence
could not believe the eyes
could not revert my gaze

Simply to offer the passing to submit
flail like a wind from the south
neither is likely to succeed

Up there and beyond
it goes through the mud
above it rests easily

Seasons are coming hasty
change from distant corners
passess into the thought

I am that which endures
though ages comes and goes
i await the transmission

Neither to assail or discover
in random phenomenon
is found a secret message

Though you are unnoticed
don’t opt out for salvation
nothing can enter here

In nothingness it comes between
all else colored by the experience
then stumbling upon it

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In a thought

Inside the thought it remains
like an idol it is set for betrayal
cannot endure introspection
it will fall like a rock

Someday these things shall occur
but as for destiny
there shall be someone to succumb
yet others shall rise

Don’t come to close to tiger
or it will bite you
like insidious planning
it will betray you

Proceed to the exit
and come across a jewel
a nation shall succumb
others shall arise

Close your eyes and repeat the question
don’t be a foolish harbinger
throw away the prospect
zero thoughts and then a bluff

Thunder will strike the heart
zero thoughts at the entrance
cannot become what it is not
wise men will find common ground

Search for the basement
watch it unfold like the prospect
cannot endure when realized
and by then the end has come

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God, soul and the world of multitude

God is in everything and everyone. Everywhere I look I see only Myself. There is no separation between Me and everything. Yet I am distinct from it. I am the things, but simultaneously transcend them. I am in everything, yet there is a multitude. I transcend the multitude of the material world, and are simultaneously in it.

Look at yourself, because My essence resides in you. There is nothing separating you and Me. I am in you. Look carefully and you will see only God.

The Antichrist live in the ignorance that he is God, but there is only one God. It is a wrong perception. It is the delusion that there is something besides God. He has made an idol of evil and have made it God. But there is only one God and God is good. The Antichrist is a being which is corrupted, but lastly he shall realize the truth, and then he shall become God, and the deluded being that existed before shall be gone.

This is called the common destiny. We shall all receive and make our end. Then lastly all shall come to be united.

Before we go on, though, we have to make the prime miracle which is the end. The end shall come and then we can proceed through new belongings. Destiny is to be intertwined so that all likeness has gone and become complete identity.

That is the new world.

It is said that all there was before shall be gone, and in truth then oneness has come. Truth has entered the heart of man, and become it. That is the liberation.

God is the very end and the very beginning of something new. It is like the slaughtering of something old, an idea. An idea that was proved to be folly. A new idea shall enter the heart of man and it shall come to pass that men will utter the truth in the streets, and that which is old and about to be slaughtered shall see it as an enemy.

And they will go out of their castles and go to war against it. But the new hath come and it bended humanity according to its will.

That which was of old which was a lie was revealed to be what it was, and truth came to take the place of the lie.

De frafaldende blev alle brændt ihjel da Gud åbnede sine øjne og så på dem, og de er nu der hvor det er meningen de skal være ifølge straffen for deres synder.

De frafaldne er ikke selv, men Gud er i dem og derfor er der ikke nogen der er frafalden. Synd er en korruption inde i Gud. Korruption er en idé eller rettere sagt en falsk ide om hvordan verden hænger sammen. Det er uvidenhed, men Gud er i sandheden i alt. Der er ikke nogen udover Gud, derfor er Djævlen en falsk idé der har taget rod i et sind så det er faret vild og ikke ænser sandheden.

En dag skal sandheden blive åbenbaret og, da skal det der var før vige bort.

Synd er en ide der har taget fast i sindet og har gjort det korrupt. En dag skal det korrupte finde sin sande plads og det korrupte skal vige bort og afsløre Gud som en ædelsten.

Gud er i alt og over alt. Der er ingenting ved siden af Gud. Djævlen har aldrig eksisteret. Det var en falsk tanke der slog rod i sindet og førte mænd bort fra sandheden så at de så verden gennem et korrupt sind. På den yderste dag skal det gamle falde bort og aldrig være længere. Da skal alt det gamle dø, og det nye tage rod, hvilket er en ide der skal føre mænd til Gud og deres sande identitet.

Det kan beskrives som en mystisk bevidsthedstilstand. Eller et pludseligt indfald der vender op og ned på alt man troede. Da skal mennesket skue ind i sandheden, og det der var før skal falde bort. Gennem denne nye indsigt skal hele jorden forvandles, som havde de opnået en hel ny bevidsthedstilstand.

En tanke skal slå rod i deres sind og det skal vokse og tage rod og brede sig, og det vil vokse til uanede højder.

Al synd findes i tanken, og det er i tanken at problemet skal findes.

That day will come that God shall attack the very center of the Earth like a lightening bolt, and everything shall succumb to His wrath.

Spirit = Soul = Body

Kløv et stykke brænde, og se deri Gud.

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