The Unit

Send out signals
disconnect unit
flair for a few controversies

Aim at correct judgment
flawed reasons
they will consume you

Desire only the best
soul in anguish
body disturbed

A pocket of time
gross maladjustments
skin burned by Sun

What else do you need –
than a few hours
fifteen minutes

Transcend your thoughts
it is incomprehensible
mind cannot go there

You must take leave
be absent
control the unit

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A breeze

Across the Mediterranean
and summer solstice
and the colors morphing and dancing

We kiss under the cherry tree
Thinking about substance
and the denial there of

She kisses the tip of my finger
lingering softly
she witnesses my shifting personalities

The sight of the Moon
grey silhuettes
and longing for the bossom

She kisses the whole of my hand
while I shelter her
takes her on my own accord

I drill holes in her body
whisper in her ears
her graceful movements fulfills the act

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Grave minds

A bunch of revelations

Read secret scrolls
was taken by a deluge
drowned in rivers

The failing and disorderliness
the failure of the demiurge
penetrating minds

Scorched minds
made them heel and tow
set an anchor

Was world building
then it collapsed
grave hours

The weigth of the universe

Work of a great deity

Come to heed my advice
don’t go near flamboyant zones
keep out of the way

Here along this road
heavy masters
lots of toil

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I see some naked clones
wish you were here
saw you appear in my dreams

Awake I run around with these clones
we are set on our course
neither can we be dissuaded

I am naked
like one of the clones
stripped to a few essentials

I am now a fool
and a burden for you
and I am a destitude

Collecting false evidence
and the stalkers
and the clones

We are alive yet for a moment
stalking our prey
mating with a beast

I thought I should disclose this
but the revenge
it hurts us all

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Ultimately we must take leave of our connection with our body and the matter that the body and the world is created of. All of that is only a reflection of the mind and consciousness. We must then become aware of a greater world beyond this one.

A caterpillar is first turned into a cocoon, which is an intermediate state. Then finally it becomes a beautiful butterfly. That is the transformation that man must ultimately undertake. Finally he becomes one with his Creator.

The richness of man is in his potential. Above all other forms of life here on Earth he can comprehend God intellectually, emotionally and as an actual living experience.

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Silent sonnets

Oxygen ferments
boils the blood
creates nurturing species

Tiny drops of blood
follows me as I walk
monthly payments cashed

The city is silent
just some pieces from the obituary
having a fit

The astronauts are dead
consumed by star light
the beauty of empty space

Glorious wilderness
stones and rocks
so barren

As years go by
we comprehend new patterns
glimps of universal laws

The seeds are shattered
nothing is achieved
just a never ending cycle

Silent sonnets and day dreams
a perfect dance
a beautiful gesture

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The nether fields

I saw in these nether fields something unique. It came to me unregarded, showing itself as true sublimity, which is not otherwise found in this world. I call it the Divine, but it is much more than mere words. It is a living and waking reality, you just do not perceive it yet.

Among the many powers of this universe, I encountered one of them, and it sought to convince me of its importance and magnificence, and I believed it.

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The heron and its nest

Gasping for air
for underneath the belly
more to consume

So hot and nuanced
a people of higher aspirations
looks beyond materialism

Gasping and drooling
cheek is red and bloodstained
my heart’s a mess

Girly ties to ancestors
the bonds and promises
directly underneath the belly

Hunger and thirst will never end
of this only I am certain
the taste of filthy dishes

I have stalked the heron to its nest
just slowly watching birds
coming of age

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Watch me produce something unqiue
coming from way down
oh so down below, the pit

Give me strength and blessings
much courage is needed
and no vanity

I echoed the calling
our voices met and entangled
could not clearly discern the difference

I produced tunes so out of pace
society melted
I lost touch with humanity

Then I freely entered these damn spaces
I ventured along with frail companions
gave them something to devour

This open space is a holocaust
then finally we saw fire coming down
let it caress our skin

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The mind seems untamable for those who try to still it or control it, and that is true. The mind and it’s processes is beyond the will of the individual. But one day the adept might discover that the mind is entirely controllable. That is when he realizes his oneness with a divine agency.

The more you try to control the mind, the more friction you create. That is the sure way to fail enlightenment. Rather you must let go, and become adaptable. Then friction is destroyed and you can do what you were meant to do.

First you want control. Then you realize that control is impossible. The final stage is when you realize that your life is in the hands of Jehova. You must relinguish control and become fluid and adaptable.

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