See since we saw it
no longer a function
ceasing to operate and malfunction
gripping hold on it to let go
distant movements
holding on

This is a return
from the beginning
ceasing not movement
still holding on
won’t return
since we saw it through

Races are gentle
softly and mature
crying hearts alone
is no avail
melting through the body
touching the last reserve
you are my energy and movement

Seeing through it all
but once observed denied
these melancholic hours
lifting slowly the disguise
nothing comprehends
longing is futile

Intentions speaks a subtle language
getting nearer
but moving backwards
thoughts cannot touch me
you cannot see me
but here it is clearly perceived

Power sends broken facilities
lifting through the air
power is vanity
nothing but despair
don’t wail
don’t despair

Tomorrow it is the end

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Difference Between Power and Love

Joseph Stalin and the Bloody Dwarf

Because of the fact that some people are incapable of love and empathy, they have learned to derive pleasure and existential fulfillment from other sources. They are in essence the psychopath that only superficially appear to have any emtions.

They derive their pleasure from having power over others, and often in an abusive way. There is nothing worse than a psychopath with power, because if he can get away with it, like Joseph Stalin, he will use it to crush anything that he considers a threat, or for his own enjoyment because he just enjoys torture and murder.

There are two kind of people in the world. The one seeks love and the other seeks power. Of course, it is not that simple, because the ones who love seeks some kind of power too, and vice verse. But if we could boil people down to their essences, we would discover that the essence of one group is love and the other power.

The difference between love and power is that you cannot force people to love you. Love can only truly exist when it is given freely, and that makes it the opposite of power, because power is coercion. Power wants to gain control over other human beings and diminish their free-will, while love wants to exist in a relationship where people’s choice is held to be holy.

Love seeks refuge in the preservation of the emotional bonds that we have developed, and it wants to further refine it as an act of total and complete charity against which nothing can be denied. It is holy in the best sense of the word. It cannot be counteracted. Coercion cannot as such delete it, it can only temporarily make it vanish from the surface, but it remains in the deepest part of our soul always. We can never change who we are.

Likewise Power will continue his maddened fury and rage against any opponent and in complete and abject ignorance.

In the end we come to be defined by our acts which were freely given from deep within, from that place which is the source of our being. This place is undefinable, except that we know it to be a cause. It causes us to become who we should be.

We can call the place ‘Unity’ or ‘No Division’, because if it is a cause then it should be clear that it must in some sense be in the effect, like an artist in some sense is in his painting. It becomes after his experience, knowledge and skill. Likewise, we are created in the image of our Creator.

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Against forces unknown
Challenges the deepest structures
Rides on a brain wave toward filth
Getting not the essential
Understanding not the cause
Stating blankly the intentions
Formulating a reply
My acts are filled beyond idle hours
Consuming what once was
Beyond the grave is destruction
The mountain is my exhaltation
The pain surmounts
Getting closer to the center
Coming soon is the storm
Depraved acts surrounds me
Seeing clearly where others fail
Bound to a stereotype
But living vivedly it is repeated
Acts fails
Thoughts deny
Chances are I get out alive

Beyond the grave lies a hidden addiction
The vision is to see it clearly
That path that is ahead
We went beyond them
In total negation
Complete acts that surrender
Seeing now what I have lost
Depravity is the new norm
The corpses stinks
And walks around
While in this manhood
I see it all so clearly
Beyond it finds contempt
It is all beyond regret

This weltanschauung is clear
The sick finds it
The condemned walks it
Nothing beyond the border
Nothing beyond repair
Nothing is clearly the only answer left
Total non-existence and annihilation
My own negation
This is it
This is the murderous depraved act
See it clearly in a vision
This is it and you are on the path
Towards negation
No existence
No answer
No call
Only total end

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To Starve and to Feast

Society is a hollow machine meant to serve the rich and powerful. It tends to produce things that are of no real value, while it infectes its population with a mental image of the world that is corrupt. It produces superficial things, things we don’t really need, so that the rich can buy them, and the poor lack all essentials.

We are told we have witnessed progress, but we greatly overvalue our own success. This is because the media and press are presenting an unfair picture of the world to its first world citizens. We know of starvation and war, but people feel disenfranchised and apathic because it seems that no one is truly able to act.

So we close ourselves in in our little walled garden with our precious pleasure and our neurotic conditioning. Then we blame our own insignificance and suffering on other disenfranchised people, and this works as a scapegoat because we feel disconnected from other people and races. Africa is dying of starvation.

Southern Africa is in the throes of a climate emergency, with hunger levels in the region on a previously unseen scale, the UN has warned.

Years of drought, widespread flooding and economic disarray have left 45 million people facing severe food shortages, with women and children bearing the brunt of the crisis, said the World Food Programme (WFP).

Zimbabwe is already facing its worst hunger emergency in a decade, with 7.7 million people – half the population – acutely food insecure. But there is evidence the situation has “deteriorated significantly” over the past few months.

We could help these people. But we deny it as a form of Realism, telling ourselves that this is just how the world is and it cannot be changed. But that is false reasoning, because it is not about Realism. It is about choice. We essentially hide our Fatalism between an nearly-rational philosophy that we equate with the state of reality.

It is a choice, and not destiny as such. We could change things, but that require that we regain our sense of agency and free will. It takes a massive awakening, but that is all it takes, and it can be done.

Nothing disqusts me more than being greedy for selfish gain in a world where people are dying of starvation. We wait while things deteriorate, hoping not that we too shall fall into extremes such as becoming a celebrity or be trapped in a state of extreme poverty.

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Complete Disenfranchisement

Thinly conceived
Thinly in grave
Eating nothing
Enjoying nothing
Getting out of hand
The right to vote
Such a filthy lie
Collapsed through exhaustion
Nothing to fill tummy
Regardless of the stories
Unregarded by the public
Nothing hits the media
Mass graves are dug
Holocaust is a term
Nothing can describe
Unusual thoughts collide
Suicide is a lie
Dawning all too late
Is the disfigurement
My entangled body
Understanding not consequences
The public is a lie
Filthy pigs
Can describe
Superficial notions
Nothing can describe
And this is the end
But go on a bit
You will pay
Deserting children
Hiding them between the lies
Nothing collides
Deserted and disfigured
And this is the end
Society is an empty lie
Filth hides in our midst
Shady observations
Corrupt is inside
Corrupt and empty
Corrupt and not divine

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Nothing Stays

Gentle nature but silent hearts
Enveloped with the masses but out of touch
Going besides the point but reaching out
Never arriving but setting forth
Going backwards as if caught with stains
Yet ever rotating as if illumined by a thought
That could gather and bestow the few remainaints
With a bit of luck
Silently but not enough
Lakes are swimming with sharks
But nothing comes between
Silently but to no avail
Yet it must come along
Denied as if on a cross
It must come along

Backwards and out of touch
Speaking concepts that could avail
But not a whole lot
The gifts of the Sun are selfless
A terrible tyranny under no oath
But it is to come
And so we must but not today
Sitting silently beneath the Moon
Watching their wayward thoughts
Holding no one obliged
Grateful for the choosen few
Look as it comes about

Not too ambitious
And not yet drowning
But carefully gathering the obvious
Seeing neither above or below
Really getting the last decay
Sensing shadows
But nothing of importance
Lost in the midst of decay
Journey is a path through negliance
Neglected but not yet a child
As if these words were interpreted
By an insignificant mind
Oblivious to any sensible details
But not decaying
Celebrating because of the night
Joyful as if spotted on sight

Trees and their shades and shadows
Wildernessess as in my thoughts
Lions all about but not today
Free because of the essential thoughts
But not today
Union is holy and here to stay
Intercourse and meetings of mind
But not meant to stay
Everything united at a certain point
Coming out of war
Coming as if tranquil
Resentments are broken but few remains
Lastly the will and it is here to stay

The world is changed by a thought
Nothing unites us except the pain
Coming along is the final rage
But then again not here to stay
Nothing is interpreted
Neither is morning as good as they say
Evening is what comes along and so they say
The world consists of changes
And so it stays

Awareness is the final decay

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There is in you some element of the Divine. You fail to comprehend it on a deep level because you are fitted only with a human mind, which is fallible and fragile.

This Divine element is the cause behind the apparent self-existing ego, or who you are as a person. This does not deconstruct ego as such, but points to a deeper, and hidden, working of the mind, which you are partly conscious of.

You exist as a potentiality, meaning that you do not take shape of your own accord. You are real in the sense that you are really there, but you are not your own principle.

You are not God as such either, because though God might be found in you, you are not in God. In some sense, yes, you remind people of God, like a statue takes the shape of the artists intentions and abilities. In this way you are the product of God, and therefore you become after the abilities of God.

Now, but you should learn to control the ego, which means that you should give up your apparent self-will. Do not try to control things after your own desire. You must submit to a higher being and become after His intentions.

He will guide you to where you need to be. He sees much that you do not, and perhaps he will use his wisdom to help you against your enemies.

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Willingly betraying the senses
Nothing is taken for granted
Fear conspires with gratitude
And pleasant thoughts deny
The fear is taken for granted
But nothing is beyond denail

The beauty is something denied
The hearts are melting volcanoes
Beyond is a vision defining
The last of its kind undefined
Description is something blind
It only calls for experience

Compare it if you will with the Sun
Grandiose but not up for discussion
Soon you will know for yourself
Nothing should be taken for granted
Idiocy is the bringer of illusion
Storms develop the cause

Destiny is not called for
Since we discovered its source
Life will define your final causes
What could they possibly bring
Except platitudes and false worlds
Power is what is taken for granted

Silence and refuge denies the logic
Civilization is properly an advantage
But then again – who knows?
Society controls the logic
Acting as a base center of disruption
But don’t go beyond the logic

Science is up for discussion
Properly since it is lost
Dawning upon them too late
Nothing will be taken for granted
Pain is the necessary component
Murder the only logic

The lame is about to expect it
But arriving too late for a solution
Cry for the lost and desparing
You saw what nature beholds
Now don’t expect an advantage
Everything will be revealed in the end

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Facing Great Evil

Evil can take various shapes, but it is best summed up as the opposite of the golden rule which states that one should do unto others what one desires them to do to you. We want to be treated with empathy and understanding, and so we should treat others like that. The opposite of this is to harm other people.

So evil essentially consists of doing damage to other people, whether intentional or not. Intentions are interesting. If we accidently harm other people, we tend to think of it as less evil, and it is because intentions do matter. The worst atrocities are planned carefully and executed in cold blod, which means that the perpetrators knew that their acts would severely harm other people.

Great evil is overwhelming, especially when it impacts ourselves or somebody close to us. This is why the United States can invade the Middle East with seemingly no resistance from its own population. And lets be clear. War is always evil. But since Pashtun Afghans are so completely different in both culture and outer appearance from us, we have a hard time extending our empathy towards them.

Our reaction would be entirely different if they “accidently” bombed our own neighberhoods with napalm or shot everybody up at a wedding because they were suspected to be Taliban recruits. And in this way our politicians can easily manipulate and control our perception of events.

But facing evil is stifling. It leaves you terrified. It tears a hole in our hearts and leaves us damaged, and there is no cure for this. We are told to be courageous, but what does courage mean in a world where the most degenerate terrorism has become everyday-news? We are told the world has improved. That progress has been made.

But has it really? I doubt it, because the game is played the way the game was always played. Some might look to our Western, Democratic leaders for their ideological liberalism and humanism (which on the surface level have some great elements in them), but I would say that most of them, if not all, are outright hypocrites.

But let’s not spend to much time with these senseless people. My intention with writing this blog post is to find a way to conciliate ourselves (or myself, at least) with living in a world of profound evil.

Perhaps it cannot really be done. These events they do shatter us, and leaves us hopeless and destroyed. So we necessarily have to feel the effects. There’s no way around it. And we are carried down a fast-flowing river with nothing to hold on to.

There’s no way of justifying these acts, in the sense of reconciling oneself with it. I think the best we can do is to grief when grief is necessary, and the older I grow, I must admit that I am grieving more and more each day. Some might call this experience and wisdom, but then wisdom is wicked indeed.

The sun always rises. It does not reconceile us. But we must not forget that we too have a foolish part in us that are able to trust others, despite our frequent betrayels. There is a return to happiness. And yes, I do consider happiness to be a foolish state here on Earth, because human society is a massacra.

But there are too serene joy, where the burden is lifted, for a short while anyways. And we must hold on to these episodes, so as not to become mad with fear.

Sometimes we are simple and happy, yet not reconciled.

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That sense of calmness upon reception
Uniquely attached to the result
The givens are taken for what they are
We have betrayed our innermost self
For the result of tomorrow
As if we were unable to move along

The road here is murky beyond results
Givens envelop us in a shadow world
But nothing is certain yet
What they seek is the manipulation of
Distant races calm in the storm
Seeing clearly the path ahead
Rushing not without need
The failure is the succes of artificiality
They consult the oracle but are left shattered
No one to go around yet come

Follow the path of unbelievable
Nonsensical nonsense is the first step of annihilation
Seeking safety but finding truth
The races are beyond here
Beyond the moment that flickers
Go and seek it
It is there for your taking
Deluded but not insane
The instinct is that of a thousand years
The experience is beyond choice
As it is given

The nonsense contains fragments of the truth
But don’t give up
You must see through it before you go on
Later reconciliation
But no betrayal
But now you are here and lost
Since we went on we searched the streets
For a trace of a new world
Coming not
But it is late
You contain the truth necessary to go on

Don’t believe the obligatory narrative fiction
It is hidden deeper
It is beyond what is given
Yet we sense it’s definite character
Rushing not along
Finding not the results
Understanding not the causes
It is out of the world
Nothing is gained
Nothing is believed
Everything remains open for intepretation
Yet closed and defined

Later you will understand

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