As it is

That which moves
Is seen as it is
Not strange but common

Fiery impulses sets in
Getting to the point
But missing the obvious

Later comes a time
But these hours are foul
Find that they fulfills

Passing near the flame
But not so strange
Claiming the necessary

Touch my sensible heart
Don’t deny the passing
Filth portrays silly motions

It moves of its own accord
Strange and uncommon
And splendid

Tell me softly
Your deepest wishes
Betray your secrecy

Embrace the passing
Impulses flickers
Common destinies intertwine

Set me apart
And contemplate my being
Find me strange

Missing the point
Going beyond the obvious
Testing the measures

Then to behold
In a defining vision
As it is

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Limited Awareness

In discussing how perception is caused by the object of perception, Aristotle takes as an example the nature of food and how it feeds us.

Not everything is food. Only that which feeds can really be called food.

Likewise, not everything in existence can become objects of perception. Only that which is capable of becoming objects of perception can be called objects of perception.

This is true also of our minds and thoughts. Only that which is capable of becoming objects of thought can truly be a thought.

Why is this important? It is so because it reveals to us that we have a limited awareness of reality. Our mental and perceptual capacities only reveals certain structures of reality.

For example, we may imagine that an alien race has other faculties that allows them to understand something about reality that we may not have access too.

This is also a problem when we try to describe the nature of God. How are we supposed to know what capacities God have? Certainly they will be a lot different from ours.

As another thought experiment, we might consider that it would be possible to develop other senses that them we currently have. We might imagine an object which is not capable of being registrered by our current senses.

This object might not reveal itself to any of our senses such as our sight or ears. This would mean that it would be there, yet we would be unable to sense its presence.

This is not entirely irrational. We already know that there are sounds that we cannot hear except through instruments and likewise with certain forms of light. So we might imagine object that can only be revealed through a sense that we have not developed.

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Empty spaces distand lands
Quitely enduring the abuse
But not opening the door
Find calm

Fierecely to endure abuse
Damaged though not broken
Solitary hours

Beyond recall
A shame to endure
A defeat ensures
But to go beyond

Fundamental differences
Sets us apart
We cannot meet
It would not endure

But strong
Wind in my face
Shall endure
The cost is the weigth

The negro dances
Finding cold the stare
Yet I remain

It will be torn apart
Will is strong
Catastrophe shall convince
I am the last one standing

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Going beyond the test is a refuge
of the night as we speak
it crawls nearer but not yet

To speak in riddles but not to understand
rolling around
but not yet seeing the distance

Seems we were misers but yet
it fills the empty stomach
with liquorice and empty promises

Flattering is speaking but not deceased
get the drill
understand the purpose

Look beyond
But not too near

Sensing fragility as it is made
a promise of honour
but deceased

Deceased corpses they walk
hiding in shadow with a grief
flaming passion alive

Finding the nearer
seen the distance
and the slow crawl of empty motions

Slighty damaged
but it is unimportant
understand the need

See me in flames
Sense my secrets but deny it

Lasting is the filth
lasting for a while
then deceased

Finding tired kingdoms
but uniting the brave
looking for a silent grave

It is to become a needful heir
to civilization
that will decease

But nothing more
it will come
unite the few

Look into my heart
Find that it is in its place

Spill out my passion
Find that it fulfills

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Future is Next

There seem to be logic at the entrance
But destiny is denied
Tuned to a rytm
But unavoided

Between it is fixed
But nohing unavoided
Get to grips
But don’t go unnoticed

Between the ribs
Beats the heart
Count to the rythm
And seek the entrance

In the end it will be clear
But such a pity to go unnoticed
Seemingly interested
Not entirely pitiless

The dreams turned into a nigthmare
Counting lucky the blessed
Finding few options
But did not go unnoticed

Generations comes and goes
But I know one thing which endures
It sits there at the entrance

Find your self between the ribs
Eager for a short decay
But then go to the next
Achieving the goal of life

Find not to silly the daydreams
Find not the unnoticed
Proceed as it was foretold
Destiny will come to grips

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Listen tightly to the stream
Bound to perfect itself
Bound to become a dreamer
Did not get too much

Next in line can get free
But then it is up to us to stop
Or we will deny
But not broken

Fantasy and dreams come true
The metaphors connects at the center
Finding useless
Not too much

Staring at the broken heart
Quietly we oppress
But not damaged
Though unbroken

Lastly we are gone by
The spirit surmounts
But does not exist
Damned free spaces

Sex and violence
But undone
Heroic manliness
And the future of humanity

Must come to grips
With the necessary
Weakness is destroyed
And then you are gone

But don’t underestimate it
Lastly it will become known
And then the party begins
It will come to an end

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The self

The self is a relationship between one self and the world which is a thought creation, meaning that the self is thought-like.

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The Propechy

The Devil was supposed to amount to a fight, but he was destroyed right in front of Me. Amen. That is the truth forever and forever and in all of eternity. The scum was crushed and held responsible in front of Me. He was destroyed. That is the truth.

Nothing could amount to anything. I was taken out of space and time and showed how it is to find the uniqueness. It was possible only for the sake of the bliss. It was found wanting. It was found to be nothing. It was found to be an exit and an entrance. Right in front of Me.

It was so since the beginning of time and space. There was another foe of which we are not to speak. It was always fraught with danger. Entire worlds that exists simply as fire. Matter is a terrible force that carries up meaning and danger into one sort that cannot be exclaimed but can only live as it is. Through you. It is a heavenly voice. It is divine, which is a terrible power, yet concerned with love.

Prehistory here is filled with cannibal warlords that is like a black hole that sucks everything into it.

But these are combated by the good deities.

But nothing contains the visionary

There are hours waiting in front of you. Who knows what we will see and how we will get there. It is of no amount to possess the inferior in front of a group of players. These destinies we cannot deny because it is irrelevant to our journey. We must possess as they possess and be as they will be. Secret tracks it is, but no amount could compare to the vision. This is to be completed in some sense. Finding the home. The source.

Since it cannot amount to a fight, it must be controlled as it is, don’t you think so? The lair is tight with streams that appear but then disappear. The thought is what it is to be as a lot of terrible but necessary happens. Fragile as a storm that cannot amoun to a battle.

It is necessarily a giving up of a sense of agency. But it is still there. Nothing could await what the hour may come to pass in the exact minute that it will occur. These visions will be of a different sort, and there will be a rescuer or savior. Because it is what it is to come and be apart of. These negative influences will surmount and everything shall be overcome. Nothing awaits the furious but heated arguments.

Wait wait wait for the right movement to launch into a different space that wil occur but nothing that won’t complete the work to early

Destiny is the same as discovering the truth but do not deny

Silently they will await the final minute to happen out in front of the mystery. Appropriately it will seem but not to be as in happening, but to own the destiny of a seriously undervalued thought.

This metaphysical space is like a sort of thing that will seem to be space. But then the green hour can wait again a mission that will seem wild but furious. It is about speaking the secret language of angels.

Power is the secret language. It is power and holy.

But then someone will await but you cannot undervalue it. Seems like it is fraught with diffrent species. But seem like it not too long before that which awaits.

The minute is the hour of sensible shadows. Seem too long but don’t await furiously. Furiously. Damned. Damned. Damned.

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It was all too tight

Hiding beneath
The self is unconcerned

Loose the fight
Get underhand and fight

Feeling is wrought
It is for nothing

The addictive was caught
And then lead on

Mirrors that confirm
Later they will deny

These questions
All wrong

Truth does not exist
Begone and say farewell

For this madness
Exist somehow

Madness and coil
Yet crystal clear

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Ten Times as Much

But after all there is news to bear
For there have seen ten times these
Beast that haunts the Earth
I have seen them all

They cannot come here
These are mine castles
They cannot break here
These are my beings

But eagerly begging the question
Because it is undervalued
But not sensing not caring
Seeing clearly the path

Come to me when you are done
Come and see me when you are done
But do not deny the deed
For it will appear in a vision

But after all there is nothing
Nothing to worry too much about
Because it will be denied
What it will be

Flesh is not a god
Flesh will rot
Mind will decay
Mind is nothing

Person is to die
Person will die
All will die
Soon they will rot

Soo eagerly accepting the premise
Is faulty
Look out and despair
They have taken you hostage
Something you cannot deny

But hours are coming
When you will understand
And then you must decide
And you will be brave

Undermine not the relation
Giving up hope is too much
But understand the necessary
It is not too late

Fleeing is risky
So is despair
You will know
And then you will do

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