Welcome to the Website of Emil Hjort

I am a writer, poet, and Mysticist. I deal mainly with a mystical experience I have had. It came to me many years ago without me first seeking it. It altered my fate and perspective the Universe completely. I was once a die-hard atheist that dabbled in some occult subjects, but the mystical experience gave me an entire new sets of beliefs, here under new moral beliefs.

It was a deity that called himself 'Jahve' that revealed himself to me. Since then, I can no longer say that I am ever alone. He is always with me, and fills me with wisdom, so that I can clearly discern what is important in this life, and what it means to exist.

I found out that other people were profoundly lacking in wisdom and knowledge, especially psychological knowledge. Which means that they don't truly understand who they are. They do not realize that they are intertwined with God. They have not had this birth of God in the soul, and thus they are, from some perspective, exceedingly poor. They lack something that they should have.

God is the greatest mystery there is, and so it makes sense that it is only few who can truly comprehend God. It is for the very few to experience God. To have a veil of ignorance lifted from their eyes. So it was, and so will it always be. Though, it can happen for anybody and anywhere. All they have to do, is to pay attention. Then someday, it might come to them. I can take you there, if you want to.

I have made this, and other, webpages, so that people who are on the same path as mine, or who wants to venture there, can see and learn things from my experiences. I too hope, that I should have something to learn from you. You are most welcome on this page.

As said, this experience I've had I try to express through different means such as poetry and in the form of essays and hopefully, one day, as a book on the subject. This website is more like a biography, but I link to some of my other sites, if you want to explore what I have done.

Please, feel free to contact me if you want to know more, or if you have something to convey.

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