Welcome to the Website of Emil Hjort

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I am a writer and poet. One of my favourite subjects is mystical experiences, and the obvious answer to why I have chosen mysticism as a subject, is because I have had a few of these in my life. One of the things I have learned through reading the experiences of other mysticist, is that they really want to convey the beauty and profundity of this experience to others.

The problem is, though, that a lot of people have some serious misunderstandings about what it means to have an experience such as this. But I can tell you this, that the experience changed me forever. Who I was before, I am not now. Because of this experience, I am a changed man, and I do believe it is for the better.

There are no single experience common to mystical experiences. Everybody has a unique experience. In my case though, it was a deity who called himself ‘Jahve’ who revealed himself to me. For details of this experience, please try reading some of the texts I have written. But I can tell you this, that out of the experience, wisdom has entered my soul. Where were before ignorance, now is enlightenment.

I do not claim that everybody will understand this. Actually, I expect that they won’t. People see the world through their experiences, and where they see me, they most often see some of their worst stereotypes. That is not for me to correct. I only lay out in front of you the facts as I know them.

I have made this homepage to be a place that I can fill with my art and philosophy. I hope somebody will read it, and like it. If you do – you are most welcome to engage me via email if you want to have a conversation.

I hope to hear from you.

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