Mysticism #20 – The void is the only reality

The empirical world is unreal. Every theory which acts inside this empirical world is false. There is only one reality, and it is that of the void. All else is illusion. All else is fiction. There can be only one true teaching, and it is that of the unspeakable.

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Mysticism #19 – No gods

“God” is a lie, if it is not the void. There are no gods other than the formless. All else besides it is unreal. It has no existence. Say it once and then kneel: “There is only the void, all else is unreal.”

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Mysicism #18 – The negation

There are no love and no mercy. There are no eternal punishment and no resurrection. There is no loving father and no obedient son. There are no symbols that inspire hope, and all churches sing wicked and wrong songs. There is no millenniarism, and there are no martyrs. There is only the void.

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Mysticism #17 – The unity of beings

The unity of all beings means that there exists only one being, and this is called God. There is no other than God. This is because the world of multiplicity is an illusion. Only the void, is the real existing. It is, in a sense, a form of non-existence, since it consumes all of the things of the world. This is our real identity – to be nothing at all, a formless void. Mystical enlightenment is to experience this as a fact, to disappear, but to find one’s true essence.

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Mysticism #16 – Passion

There is only one wisdom, and it is that of the void. There is no teachings besides the total union of the world. This unity is alive, it is breathing, and it is fornicating. The myriad of creatures lives through endless passion. It is passion which have achieved every great thing – albeit! Indeed, no things have been accomplished. Through passion the creatures live spellbound by the world, as if they were in love with it. The masters alone transcends it and arrives at truth.

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Mysticism #15 – Hierarchy

God is beyond any hierarchical descriptions. A normal assumption is to put God at the top of a pyramid, but this assumption is false. God is not a being a top of a hierarchy of other beings. God is no-thing-ness and thus cannot be placed inside a hierarchy. There may be hierarchy and order between beings, but in God, there is no hierarchy.

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Mysticism #14 – God and the temporary

God is not eartly rewards, and if anybody thinks so, he is a fool. God has nothing to do with temporary powers. He exists entirely outside the church, because God is not an institution. He is here at the moment, but you will miss it if you are caught up in earthly existence.

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Mysticism #13 – No-thing

In truth, there are no creatures. No-thing exists, nothing exists. This is not the same as “nothing at all”, it just means that the thing-ness of the world is illusory. No being is real, even though they appear as such from a limited point of awareness. There are no “God” and “creature”, no “man” and “society”, no “me” and “world”. There is only a unity, which is no-thing in particular. From this arises the world and its conflicts, but at their essence, they are not real – they only appear to be real.

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Traditionalism #9 – The lesser gods

There is only one war among the gods, and it is the war between good and evil. Good and evil are split into two camps, between what we call demons and what we call gods. This war is an emanation from the One Source who is above all gods and demons. This source is no-thing-ness, yet nothing occupies no-thing-ness, and therefore he does not take side in the war. It is not that he is being “impartial”, because he is no-thing, and therefore he cannot display impartialness. This cosmic war is being fought with lesser gods. Where no-thing-ness is, even they cannot go.

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Mysticism #12 – Name and form

Being a void, God has no name and no form. Name and form appears to be the fundamental reality of things only because of the ignorance of human beings. There cannot be name and form, since everything depends on the void. The void is the true reality behind the names and forms that only appears in our normal state of awareness.

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