Afghanistan and the traitorous actions of one man

Why do I write poems which supports the Afghans against the American invasion?

In this article from 2001, it is clear that the war in Afghanistan could have been avoided. The reason why the Taliban wants proof that the 9/11 terrorist attack was plotted by Osama Bin Laden is because HE NEVER TOLD THE TALIBAN of his plans! Osama Bin Laden is clearly a traitor of his people, but so is the Bush administration. Because of one man’s actions, the entire country was wrecked, even though it had no guilt.

Taliban is NOT the same as Al-Qaeda. Taliban had power over all of Afghanistan at that time, while Al-Qaeda was just a small organisation operating mostly inside Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden was a member of Al-Qaeda and not the taliban.

Taliban was willing to protect Osama Bin Laden only because they were sure he was innocent. Had USA provided prove of his guilt, they would have handed Osama Bin Laden over to the Americans and the war could have ended before it had even begun.

But clearly, the Bush administration WANTED to wreck ALL OF Afghanistan even though the Taliban had no guilt. One can ask oneself why they were so bloodthirsty, but clearly they wanted to dominate all of Afghanistan because of the oil and other resources.

Of course, the Afghan people could not accept this. They are a sovereign nation and have been so for thousands of years. So a bloody war ensued which killed thousand and thousands of Afghans and Americans, and now as the USA are moving out of the country, it is again becoming increasingly controlled by militant Islamists.

I do not support any fundamentalist Islamic organization such as the Taliban or the Al-Qaeda. Neither am I a Muslim. I support the Afghan people against an entirely unneeded, devastating and illegal war.

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The Americans came to Afghanistan
Expecting an easy victory
But he did not realize
That Afghanistan
Is the home of the Pashtuns
An ancient and proud people

We know the mountains
And the fields
Better than anyone
And we have lots of guns
Wars have made us
A warlike people
We know hardships and suffering
What do the Americans know?

They have superior technology
But they do not know our mountains
Nor our heart which beats
For our homeland and our religion
Why did they come here?
They only dug a grave for themselves
We will fight until the end

They came here full of arrogance
But the Pashtuns taught them a lesson
They said they wanted to liberate us
To give us democracy
To annihilate our religion
But the Afghans love their religion
And they do not want democracy
Allah will fight for us
None of us want your atheism and nihilism

Should Afghanistan become another consumer society?
Then I would rather be in my grave
Should Afghanistan accept Western imperialism?
Then I would rather fight

They don’t realize
That none of us wants it
Who is it they hope to convert?
None of us wants to be converted
Afghanistan is a united country
None of us wants you here
Afghanistan is the home of the Muslims
We would rather fight
We would rather be in our graves
Than accept your spiritual plague

Afghanistan is the home of lions
Warriors who will sacrifice themselves
The Americans came here
And we taught them a lesson
That they will not forget
We are the home of the true religion
We will not accept your values here
Then we would rather die

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Flowers of Religion

I see myself as fundamentally good
I also see myself with a gun in my hand
I would rather have flowers in my hands
But I have to kill
I have to butcher
Just to get through the day

Above all else I am a realist
I know that I cannot get through the day
Without butchering
Without killing
So I go on butchering
I go on killing
But I do prefer flowers

Don’t tell me about the trenches
I’ve been there
Don’ tell me about the mosque, the church or the temple
Because I have been there
The trenches speaks a language
Not understood by the priest
I do prefer the temple
But I live in a trench

Can’t we all just get along?
That was my hope for a thousand years
I have even killed to make it come true
The Americans wants it their way
The Russians another way
The Chinese, they know the right way!
Oh, and then there’s me
I have severed my ties with the foreigners
And even with my fatherland
Yet I go on killing
And there is no end in sight

What happened to “brother” and “sister”?
The jihadist fights the Americans
But what for?
For their religion? For their freedom?
What is religion? What is freedom?
Isn’t “brotherhood” religion?
Isn’t “sisterhood” freedom?
When did we get so messed up?
I would prefer sisterhood
And I would prefer brotherhood
But you see
I am realist
And it just doesn’t exist

They say that conflict
Is fundamental to human nature
And that I should embrace it
And so I tried that
But honestly, I wasn’t a very good soldier
I found that
You had to have a very narrow mind
To become a good soldier
Everything is not black and white
I told them
And so they shot me to prove me wrong

Perhaps I am not a realist
Perhaps I am a despairing nihilist
Perhaps I am unfit to live on this planet
“But the weak are oppressed
By the strong”
So goes the mantra
Call me weak then
And do oppress me
Perhaps that is better than
War between brothers
Killing between sisters

Look to the future
But don’t look for me
Because I won’t be here
Man is the wickedest predator
He forms groups
To kill other groups
No one in the group is truly alive
But like a herd animal
He is hopelessly caught in the fist of passion

That seems to be realism
That seems to be true
But I won’t be here
So don’t look for me
I will be gone
And not here anymore
So what does it matter to me
Now that I am gone?

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