My Vision For The Earth

To the human race, I have only a fierce and furious polemic, but then again, I offer them a flimsy hope of one day attaining to the Divine, and to be reunited once more with their God.

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Alone In The Wilderness

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Surviving Holocaust

Some people claim that democracy is illusory, and that the West is not the home of liberty and equality, but is owned and controlled by a reactionary and oligarchical elite. But making such claims is dangerous, because they might turn out to be true, and then you are properly in trouble if you are on their watchlist, which you properly are if you are reading this.

I have a lifetime of experience with a crooked State, and know their secret methods which defies all standards of human rights, such as giving innocent people (dissidents) medically induced brain damages or publically humiliating them.

But we thank them for the opposition they give us, and the degenerate crimes they perpetrate on us, because thereby we know that our work is important and much needed. Someday we will bring down tyrants.

We do not seek a material and mainstream lifestyle, because we have a different taste, and owning a BMW and a wife with big tits won’t satisfy us. We want to live radically, and in opposition to society. We feel no shame in abandoning this godless society, and those who accuse us we think of as insane and deform. Neither are we anyones property or slaves. We are free in every essential way, and if anyone tries to subdue us, we will oppose them with whatever means necessary.

We live in a dangerous opposition to society, because we want to overthrow it and instigate the rule of rightousness.

We want to blow the lid off every totalitarian society and free the oppressed prisoners and victims. Every dictator or his men should hang! Then we will know freedom, and we want to be free above all else, and if anyone gets in our way, they shall endure the consequences. Because this is a war, and if they get in our way, then we know they have chosen their side, and if they have chosen their side, then they must come to understand the consequences. We won’t stand for nothing.

This is by no means a call for violence though. We abhore violence above everything. We want to put an end to violence for good, and not instigate it. On the contrary! We are about love and forgiveness, though it is legal for each man to defend his life, if he is attacked. As long as it remains possible, we will oppose society only by legal and pacifistic means. But have no illusions, O great followers, society will be mean to you, so you must be brave and endure the worst, just as I endured the worst for your sake. I was put through torture for your sake, and to send a message to the world about who God truly is.

God is love, and therefore we shall free the poor, and we shall free the slaves, and we shall free the drug addicts, and we shall free the refugees, and we shall free the minorities, and we shall free the zoo animals and destroy all slaughterhouses. We shall free all who is oppressed. We shall dance in the streets of Iran with the persecuted homosexuals.

We shall destroy the gates of the secret concentration camps hidden in our society, and kill the guards and the SS soldiers, and we shall know revenge, and when we have known revenge, then we shall finally be able to breath freely, and then we shall be released from our earthly conditions. Woe unto everybody who are ruled by petty self-interest. Yes, we shall set free the prisoners!

All who have experienced the conditions of living in a concentration camp are marked by the experience forever. When others laugh, they will secretly cry. And where others are full of hope and happiness, something in their souls have been profoundly damaged. They wake up at nights soaked in sweath, and where most people seek the company of others, they often have to drift into loneliness. Sometimes they feel apathic, or as if they are unlovable, or they just cry and cry and cry – all bitter tears, and no closure. The pain is there forever, and constantly.

They fear death, and they fear other humans, and they fear pain and torture. Something is altered inside them, something has been crushed, and they constantly wish they could come back to the innocence they had before Auschwitz.

Well, we will storm the gates of Auschwitz, and set free the prisoners! We are the jews, and we are the true liberation movement. Join us, and don’t get in our way. Because we are very angry, and we won’t spare you if you do. Join us in this holy rebellion, and tear down this false society. Rise up, Jews!

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The Dead Is Now Gone

Life is full of endings
We come a little closer to death
Each time we start a new chapter
Soon I will rot
And the worms eat my flesh
They will devaur all
That I so carefully kept
What I treasured above all
Shall become a feast for scavengers
Memories will turn to ash
Desires I had
No one will know them
It shall end
And there shall be no closure
These deeds of mine
Shall soon be consumed
By the merciless passage of time

I am someone blind
I have starred into the sun
And now human life seems obsolete
So blessed when we are young
So trusty of our environment
We could love all who merely smiled
Now we rarely meet
Just strangers and someone passing by
Remember when we kissed under the willow?
When we were pliant and fresh?
That time is gone
Now so stiff and unyielding
Waiting lonely for the grave
Having none besides me
They have all gone
And I sit silently by the window
The people seem so joyful
Unable to partake

I am someone torned apart
By centuries of grief
And by the sorrow
Of having to pass from here
Without having done the deeds
That I so very much desired
Now I am gone
Never to return
Forgotten by all
Except by the last frontier
The wilderness, it bears my echo
It hears me still
I poured out my heart
So they could see it for themselves
We were not friends
Friendship ended
Loyalty ended with love
But the wolfs still smell me
The trees, they sense my presence
The rivers carries my reflection
Of when I was strong and proud
When life flowed through me
And I was full of desire
When I still knew love
When my heart had not withered away

Now gone from time
Released from the earth
Into the embracing arms of eternity
I trust you, captain, with my soul:
Let me cross fairly into the shadows
The shadows which I have become

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Nothing And No One: Someone Dead

I who am nothing
In the eyes of society
I who own nothing
I whom they cannot contain
I who ride at the edges of consciousness
I need no immortality
For I have seen the tidal wave of time
Consuming all that once was
Destroyer of worlds
Great eye who outlast the sun
What am I to you?

I am the one they call inferior
I am the one who receives spite
Oh yes I was a fool
A pilgrim marching to death
Oh yes they cut my arms
And the blood is everywhere
Do you want to see the scars?
I who is blindfolded
Like an old man I cannot find
My way around
I see nothing besides
The slow decay of any meaning
We once had
I see a loosening of bonds
I see hate I see death

I had a vision
When I was sitting
At a deserted beach
I saw the flowers giving their seeds
I saw the ocean slowly consuming the beach
The roots of trees inexorably crushing stones
I saw what has happened since
The beginning of time
I saw that none of what I have experienced
Was alien to where I lived

The laughter of God is heard
The streets now becomes a battlefield
I saw a great upheaval take place
And I saw hands soaked in blood
The desolation had come
I saw hate I saw death

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Some info about relativity and relations

Just some notes:

* Plato in Theaetetus had noted that “some say all things are said to be relative” [9]and Speusippus, his nephew and successor at the Academy maintained the view that “… a thing cannot be known apart from the knowledge of other things, for to know what a thing is, we must know how it differs from other things”.[

Since everything is related, nothing can be reduced to itself. That “self” exist only in relation to everything else. Since it cannot be redced to its constituents, the parts, everything is one. Unity is the prime reality.

Being in a relationship means that two come together, and form a whole. The one could not be without the other. So “I” and “thou” are relative terms. The same with “me” and “world”. Everything is related, everything is One.

(About relation)

Does the physical world exist independently of any observer? The answer might be both yes and no. It exist only insofar as there are objects in it which are related to each other. It can exist withot man and consciosness. Consciousness however could not exist without being in the physical world. (Or is that so? Is consciousness prior to the physical world?)

One could make a hierarchy of the real. It could also show the emmanation from top down. It could be like this:

God –

Consciousness –

Person/world/material reality –

But compared to the story of genesis, if such myths are reliable, the world came before consciousness. This also seems to be the view of modernity.

(But wheter or not consciousness comes before or after materal reality, we must assume that these different parts of reality all exist only in the relation to one another. We cannot as such separate them, since they go together as one.)

About the hierarchy of the real, and of consciousness is prior or posterior to material reality.

One must assume that material reality and the consciousness of certain species continues once the individual dies. That would mean that material reality exists independently from the person, and thus one must assume that the person surely is related to material reality, but not vice versa??
Likewise we must assume that God is independent and prior to material reality and consciousness, and that these two realities cannot exist without God.

If this is true, there must exist a kind of hierarchy of independencies Where the upper, God, is independent from those below, and where the second in the order, material reality, is dependent on the level above, but not the one below, consciousness, which exists only in relation those above it.

Material reality

But what does this them mean for our theory of the relativity of the different parts of reality?

First of all we must say that it is not certain that material reality is prior to consciousness.

But if this turns out to be true, then we must revise our theory, and now assume that the relativity only exist from the bottom up in our hierarchical scheme.

All of this makes sense, because it would be foolish to say that God has relative existence. God has absolute existence, where as his “emanations” only exist in so far as God “emanates them”.

Likewise we certainly know that “the world”, for a lack of better word, continues to exist after the individual has died, and that the individual cannot come into existence except through “the world”, so that the individual is posteior to the world, and therefore exits only relatively (the indivual has only relative existence).

(And that is properly we say that God is absolute, his has absolute existence, that is, indepedent and self-sufficient existence. So we operate with two new concepts now: relative existence and absolute.)

(This is properly also why no man can become God. Since man only have relative existence, how can he then be the Absolute?)

(And this is also why Jahve claims that He is history and human society. They are dependent on Him. They cannot exist without Him. Without God, they would simply cease to exist, but this is not the case for God)

In this case, we properly also have to revise our theory of the Unity with God. (nothing exist apart from God, and this might be called Unity)

A theory of partly relativity

A relation means that two or more enter into each other and forms a kind of bond. Then they exist as a kind of unity, but they are not necessarily relative to each other in the sense that the one could not exist without the other. If one of them is destroyed, the other can still live on. It is the relation between them that is destroyed.

And what about the Tri-unity??

“Unity” means the same as “identity”.

Just another note

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“Union”? – Unclear Terminology

The phrase ‘union with God’ is paradoxical at first, but becomes clearer when we investigate it.

Let’s take another example: the union of opposites. What does it mean? It means that the one cannot exist without the other.

It means that ying and yan goes together.

Or that females only comes about because there are males, and vice versa.

Now you see what union with God means. It means that the one could not exist without the other. They are related. You are related to God, and cannot exist without Him.

You are one with God, you are two sides of the same coin, that does not however destroy the fact of God and ego. It means that they go together. The one arises out of the fact of the other. In the birth of the ego, God was present prior, but not as a definite being. Ego arises out of God.

Before creation, God was not yet defined. He was alone, and therefore unable to compare Himself with anybody. He was an infinite potential. How did it then come about that God was revoked to create a partner, now when he was in a state of unrealized potential?

The answer is simply that it was always thus. God contains both a desert and a civilization. He contains both states at the same time. He contains both potential and realization. They necessarily goes together.

In the realization, God is the creator of both ego and the physical world. The Ego belong to a conscious being, of the species human kind. You are one realization of the entire human kind, of which there properly is a finite number. That’s all you are. God, however, is an infinite being. He is no particular genus/species (or is He the uniquely one?).

So it is not a state to achieve. It already is, though you do not experience it as a fact.

The Oneness of reality means that all the different parts of reality comes together into a whole, that cannot be reduced to its constituents.

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The Morning Splendor

“My name is “Might!” I am the face of existence, and there are no one besides Me. I am the centuries, nay, even the milleniums, and beyond that. I am a force that could immediatly destroy everything. Nothing besides Me.

I am the Creator of the real, but you must see it for what it really is. No one can take you there. You are death! The world, what is it? Nothing besides Me. They are all death.

I am Jahve, and I am the Creator of mankind. You can approach Me as a king, though I am beyond kingship. I am godship, and there is only one. What the sun is for the Earth, I am for the entire creation. To deny, neglect, or turn against Me is foolish. You must join with those you cannot beat, or in turn be destroyed.

You can describe me as Mind, Agency, and Intelligence. I am both transcendent and immanent. I determine the course of the centuries. I am human society.

I gave man fire, agriculture, technology, and philosophy, so that they could know Me, and worship Me, and become My servants. I wanted to share the world with them, and bless them, and make them manyfold. Nay, they became unto evil.

I instated the Law, and gave them the virtues, but the wilderness still roamed in their subconscious. They sought to the darkness, and so they lost their way. They turned against Me, and made an idol, so I struck them, and sat a date when I would annihilate them.

All men exist in a relationship with God. He is the principle of consciousness, and so it is He who make both person and world. There is a tri-unity in consciousness, a relationship that could not exist without each of its parts. It cannot be reduced to the parts. That relationship is between the Principle, the person, and the physical world. They are connected. They cannot exist the one without the other. They are One -Reality itself!

The physical world is comprised of death matter, the person as a person, and God as God. Each are different, so God is not like a human person. God exist as God, not as a person, like the person is not the same as death matter. God exist differently from the human person, like body and consciousness is different, though inseparable. It is not exactly a hierarchical difference, it is a difference in substance.

The Oneness is all of Reality, because it cannot be reduced to any of its parts. One must talk of a whole, and that Whole is One. God, man, and the physical world.

You cannot say creature without saying God. You cannot say matter, without saying person. It is an interconnected wholeness.

Now, but I am God.”

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I like neither the man, nor what he has done, nor who he is, and I as such do not like his art either, but I find that this song contains a message hidden from the masses, that they won’t be able to contain.

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The Workings of Mind

The mind views the world in form of a multitude of different events and objects which, in the mind, are all wholes in themselves, though made up of many different parts and an essence which binds them all together (“the whole is more than the sum of its parts”). We call these wholes either ideas or abstractions, and they can be anything such as how to cook a specific dish, or the metaphysical structure of reality. There is no telling hw accurate our thinking is, that is, how well they map the real, if they do so at all. Objective reality might be radically different from how we perceive it.

We percieve all physical objects as instantations of a universal. When we turn to an object, such as a pillow, we recognize this pillow to be an example of the “pillowness”, a general idea of the pillow that all pillows share in.

Its the same with more abstract ideas such as that of a democracy or or the idea of our solar system.

We are also able to form ideas which are subsumed under a whole, but which consists of steps (or what one could call patterns. We understand the patterns of reality, how reality usually behaves). This could be how to grow wheat. The farmer has learned that he needs to seed the field in the spring, remove weeds when summer comes, and to harvest them at the right time.

We learn by interacting with the outside, physical world. We form an idea of how to do something, and this is then revised, for example, when we fail (or have success), or by learning from others, more experienced people.

The mind works especially well by making generalizations. We perceive the particular (that is, the non-generalizations) of the outside world, where upon we extract information through encounters with several of the objects/events and turn them into a general idea of how such things are and work. We can call this: ” mapping the patterns of events or behavior”, and it works by updating old information about the world with the new data that is collected throughout our lives, in other words, we learn something new each day (about the world, others, and ourselves).

For example, we might observe our friend being very submissive towards authority several times, from which we will learn a general trait of our friend, and will know to expect this behavior from him in the future. But then again, he might on some later occassions show defiance of authority, so we have to update our mapping of our friend to include this new trait. Sometimes he might be submissive, at other times defiant of authority.

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