The Cancer of Subjectivism

Is beauty subjective? Why then are some works of art clearly recignizable as superior when compared to others?

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Everybody has a mother
But not everybody has a mother quite like mine
Is she a machine or an angel?
Is she divine and pretty?
Or is she a creator of false trails?
Is she leading me down the wrong path?
How should I know? – Is she just an actor?
Like opera – only crueler!
A bit like on the television
Only it is real
Somehow reminds me of a show
Only it is my life

So how could I forgive?
I was born in utter darkness
What came out was a freak
All I ever wanted was a mother
But don’t look at me
Don’t you understand that my face is unrecognizable?
Don’t you see that I can never become like you?
Don’t touch me for I am subhuman
More like animals, or spiders and snakes
Conceived out of duty to the state
For I was not conceived in love
Not even lust guided my conception
Not truly human
A byproduct of sinister motives
I cannot understand myself
For does my heart not beat?
Yet I do not recognize myself as truly human

But the traumas no longer control me
It is not like reconciliation
It is not that I have forgiven
It is that despite the cruel emotional content it contains
Truly on the inside, I remain indifferent
The consequences are beyond my control

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Silly Claims And Crazy Conspiracies

Imagine that you live in one of the planets most affluent nations that have build a system that works for the benefit of almost everybody. Those who aim for profit and career are allowed to do so, and they can make a bunch of cash if they work diligently. Simultaneously billions of dollars are used to improve the lives of the poor and disenfranchised. Life is not perfect for a drug addict, but its a lot better than in most nations.

Imagine being continuously named the happiest people on Earth. Imagine having so much trust in your system that you are completely convinced that corruption does not exist and that you are that city on the hill which shines a light unto all the people on the planet. Imagine that you believe that there is no deviation from the laws which guarantee basic human rights for all the citizens of your Scandinavian welfare state.

Imagine you being completely wrong about everything you thought you knew about the country in which you live. Imagine coming to knowledge about widespread corruption. Imagine that your state only upholds human rights laws when it is indifferent to the result. Imagine your government working with some of the most shadily people you can possibly imagine.

Imagine waking up from a long and comfortable dream to find that your house is on fire.
Imagine that one of the kids you grew up with, a person not unlike most other persons you have met, has had his human rights violated in ways that you don’t even have the vocabulary to describe.

Imagine this innocent kid being systematically harassed and humiliated. Imagine how he is brainwashed into believing that he is an evil person that needs to be punished. Imagine being told that the abuse you endure is psychiatric treatment. Imagine enduring so much psychological abuse that you try to commit suicide when you are just 18 years old, leaving you with 55 scars that will never go away. Imagine never knowing freedom. Imagine your life destroyed.

Imagine finding out that most of your associates and even your family are undercover agents of some sort that have, among other abuse, successfully manipulated you into becoming a drug addict. Imagine enduring 6 years of your life with a medically induced brain damage that has completely destroyed you. Imagine being told that you need to be grateful.

Imagine that even though you told your story, most people would simply not believe you. Imagine being so apart from the reality of one’s country, that you really think that this is the best and most virtuous nation on the planet. Imagine being that brainwashed.

Then imagine how the future is going to look, for this isn’t going away.

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Attempting the Impossible

We must come to know who we are. Humans are special because they consist of two distinct substances, the body and consciousness. Through the body we partake in material reality. The mind shines forth from our third eye like a sun analyzing the various structures of reality. We are like heathens, ancient hierarchies of gods here on Earth.

Driven by whips out of the city, we set out into the wilderness partly to flee, partly out of a state of mind that are quickly deteriorating into life-defining visions and mystical states of cosciousness. Here, we set out to destroy firstly the ego and its attachment to material reality, and any illusions of it being powerful and important. It must come to loathe the body and whip it into position.

Remembering again our deep connection with matter, we sense that the essences of things can be pointed out in a few abstractions. By observation, we come to the conclusion that there are something alike to intelligence which order the universe. We sense our own intelligence and its limits, but consider also the animals, trees and plants, and understand their primal patterns and non-personal consciousness. The proportions of the womanly body are slender and submissive, though made unapproachable by social thinking and capitalistic marketing.

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Direct Action Needed


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The Body is the Antithesis of the Spirit

We celebrate and indulge in all that belongs to the body, such as physical attraction and sex, prestige and power, material possessions and wealth, popularity and self-interest or selfishness.

The body is made of matter, and is the lowest principle found in nature. It is in some sense evil, and in another sense unintelligent, or just plainly stupid.

It is the sign of a dark age that we have lost that which belongs to the spirit, and have begun to worship the body.

To be a real person means to be in a balance with ones body and spirit. In medieval society most of the population had no choice other than to live strictly ascetic, which was seen as a sign of a true mark of religious devotion and honesty against the hypocrisy and self-indulgence of the upper classes.

Today the opposite has happened, or rather that is the case for Western Civilization. We indugle in the body above all else. This is the definition of decadence.

Both of these attitudes and lifestyles are wrong. There need to be a balance between the body and spirit, though the spirit should subsume the body under its control so that the body does not interfere with spirit and reason.

This is because the maintainance of the body is essential for the health of the spirit. We need to give to the body what belongs to the body. This include proper food and exercise, but also a certain amount of selfishness, sex and will to power. Suppressing these bodily forces results in dysfunction in the exchange and connection between spirit and body.

The body is evil, base and stupid, but in this life we cannot separate ourselves from it. We are intrinsically connected to it. Therefore we need to listen to it, and contain it by letting it speak and act at various times, but never as such overpowering the spirit. We control it by controlled indulgence, and that is the only proper way to exist.

The West has forgotten this wisdom, and therefore it is bound to its inevitable doom.

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What We Want Less and More of

The world is corrupt, and you know what? It always was, and it always will be. This is our home and destiny though, and we want to undo and prevent evil and perversion as far as it is possible in this life. Now that we are here and know that we one day shall be gone, we might as well try to leave the world in a better state, simply because we love humanity and we want it to thrive.

The 21. century is a complicated affair. For most people in Western Europe, the world seems quite stable, and, well, life is good. We have lots of food on the table, and we can afford a lot more than just the essentials.

Since the destruction of the Soviet Union, things have been pretty good around here, most would properly reason.

But this stability simoultaneously means that people are giving up on their ideals. Since things seems good right now, what are the point of trying to improve it? But our politicians take advantage of this, even fostering it. While smiling at the cameras they slowly roll back two fundamental forces in our civilization, the welfare state and the human rights.

They boil the frog slowly, which means we don’t really notice it, and that way they avoid mass demonstrations and direct action. But someday the piss will turn cold, and when the public finally notice they won’t have any rights, and thus cannot stop it. Well, whatever! Until that day, we are still free to dream. Here is what we should have less and more of.

What we want less of:

We want less commercials dictating that we should own big televisions, luxurious mansions and have lots of romantic experiences with zero responsibility. Neither do we care about easy money or the life of rockstars. The American Dream is a dead end. Materialism might look impressive to some, but it is hollow when it is opened to see what is within. It was always a corrupt and damaged substitute for real and meaningful dreams and desires.

We don’t care anymore for people who deny a meaningful sense of obligation towards life.

Our new big problem is now not Leftism in its various shapes and sizes, but a new wave of Reactionary thugs and aspergers who want to make the Ku Klux Klan hot again, and they have found a powerful leader in Vladimir Putin, which makes them bold and vicious. Less right-wing terrorists would be desirable.

We want less trolls and bots to corrupt public opinion. We scarcely notice it right now, but the authorities are lying when it comes to bot activity on the Internet. I do not know exactly who is to blame, but bots have become sophisticated brainwashing tools. One can see the utility. Imagine comment sections on social media gigants such as Facebook and Youtube and online newspapers such as New York Times being overrun by bots with radical opinions. Being exposed to this in huge numbers on a daily basis will over time corrupt the opinions of weak persons.

Less Communistic ideation. Things have value because people desire it, is available only for a high price and exist only in small quantities. By destroying the class system, we destroy aspiration, and therefore the joy of life. We want to be free to excell.

We don’t want anymore internet. The Internet was cool, anarchistic and open-minded for some time, but now it is just another brainwashing tool. May it rest in peace, the last true bastion of freedom before the world ends.

What we want more of:

Meaningful experiences. Meaningful experiences are based on neither pleasure nor pain, though they might contain both of these elements. Meaning comes paired with wonder and awe, because it allow us to grasp something that is of extreme importance to our life and our place in a higher cosmos and order. This often comes along with suffering, because it makes us understand how insignificant and vulnerable we are. We are not the special snowflakes that our parents deceived us to believe we are.

More wisdom. Wisdom allows us to understand ourselves and the world we live in. Like the above, it is usually bought in pain. We remember how Odin had to sacrifice himself in order to gain knowledge of the runes.

We want to be reconciled with dead. Most of us are completely disillusioned about death and would do anything to avoid it. But this universe is based on change, and to keep it dynamic and vital, dead is a necessary component. Nothing here is eternal, as that would imply stagnation and inability, instead of a constant motion between creation and annihilation. This doesn’t reconcile us with our inevitable demise, but at least it explains why it is essential that it should happen.

Finding a trusthworthy partner. Being a person who is far from the mainstream, I find it hard to find someone to love. This is because people love their own reflections. They search for a partner they think will complete them as human beings. Or stated slightly differently, they want to satisfy their lust and then benefit from their partners success and status by having it for themselves by association. Well it’s not that black and white, but it’s not far from the truth either. I have chosen a path different from 95% of humanity, and it is hard to locate those 5% of which I have something in common.

Idealistic politicians instead of boring administrators and bureaucrats. We want someone who can awaken our spirit, and can bring us hope and the strength necessary to makes this world of our a more sublime place.

A generel fealing towards asceticism, but never in extreme measures. Though a total and complete rejection of modern consumer culture.

More untouched wilderness, and a less ambitious (greedy) humanity. We love wilderness partly because it sustains us, but more importantly because of its beauty. Our society is properly the first society to confuse vulgarity with beauty.

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We Are Part Of A Lesser World


Matter is evil, but not in the sense of moral evil such as injustice and crime, but in the sense of being inferior. It is worse than consciousness, but is still ordered by its degree of partaking in beauty.

In the same way, this world have been created by an inferior being, usually called the Demiurge. This is obvious because only something inferior could have brought forth evil.

Only a being of a lesser and corrupt nature could have created a world full of abominations. Compared to the world made of light, this world is a nothingness of shame and regret. It is, in some sense, stupid or unintelligent because of its designer. It is of bad quality.

Because of this, we humans too are of an inferior sort. This is a lesser world that we are a part of; it is the world of Satan.

Christ was an incarnation of the Highest Reality, sent into the inferior world to free humans from it. He is our Saviour who deliver us from evil and the entanglement with matter.

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Matter And Consciousness

The two most fundamental substances found in this universe is consciousness and matter. We know of beings which consist solely of matter, namely trees and plants. Trees and plants are living beings, but contrary to mankind, they consist solely of a body, whereas mankind consist of both consciousness and matter, or in other words, of a soul and body.

If some beings consist solely of a body, while others have both soul and body, we might conceive beings consisting only of consciousness without a body, but since we haven’t observed a being like that, we are unsure if they exist.

Now, since we consist of both body and soul, we need to maintain both and keep them in an optimal condition. Bodies are maintained by what belongs to the body, which is namely food and drink, and when food and drink are in plente supply like it has become in modernity, the body needs effective exercise.

Maintaning the soul is another matter. Here we think primarily of healthy social interaction, putting the theory of the virtues into practice, gaining wisdom, and having a profession (which requires intelligence, which is a matter for the soul).

We see the body as something that must be overcome, because it is constituted by matter which is inferior and evil. What belongs to the body is the vices, and the number one vice of the modern world is hedonism.

Hedonism is the same as seeing the body as more important than the soul, whereas we know consciousness to be of a more important and advanced stage of life than the body. To the body belongs unhinged sexual desire, the search for power, arrogance, and all kinds of evil deeds too many to enumerate.

In this way modernity represents not an evolution or a progression from something worse, but rather the opposite. Modernity, as a thought process, is a perversion of the truth. The human race has – in the ideological sense – gone from something higher, consciousness, to something lower, matter or the body.

The only way out of this prison which is the world is to find the transcedent True God.

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The Tough Ascent

Private property is an impediment on the way to enlightenment and God. You can own the essentials, but you must not fall into the trap of consumerism and the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. You want to separate yourself from them, though it comes with a great price.

We call them ‘herd animals’ which is a collective noun. Using a collective noun in this context means that they are alike and act like a unit, but this at the same time excludes having autonomy and originality. Mediocracy is base, because it implies being limited in areas such as personality, intelligence, and creativity.

They follow a script laid down to them from their ancestors, and while this is to some degree an advantage since tradition is formed out of experience, it denies them the possibility of making decisions for themselves. They reason that if everybody else is doing it, then they must be personally blameless, and it also affords them the extra security of having a trusted authority make the decisions for them.

They have become secondhand human beings because they always conform to the doctrines of the herd. This means that they are not as such capable of genuine thoughts. They haven’t thought it through themselves, and because they refrain from doing this (they might stick out, you know?) they lack depth in their understanding of the world around them, and they are mostly crude and inconsiderate despite seemingly being polished.

The development of the bourgeois class is a typical case of undisciplined morality and unawareness. Once when they were still without rights and ruled by the clergy and nobility, they were more than willing to extend their struggle to include the destitute and working class. Yet when society became a bourgeoisie society par excellence, as it is now especially in Scandinavia, they are slowly stripping away the rights of the lower classes.

This was to be expected because wealth and privilege create selfish brats. That’s just the way it has always been. There is a fascist monster lurking inside every intellectual, banker, lawyer, merchant, but it only comes out at the appropiate time. That time is coming now.

If you go it alone, then beware. But you must do it, and fight through it. No, you won’t be a polite subject at the dinner table, but at least you faced the world with open-mindedness combined with courage, love, and curiosity, and not the stifling ineptitude that comes from never having experimented with truth and reality.

Since you had too see it for yourself, your wings were scorched when you reached the Sun. And so you fell down hard and broke you bones, and you were blinded and could no longer see what they see. Lastly you were humiliated by the crowd for having such audacity against their heathen idols and stupid superstitions.

But despite your handicaps, you are better of than them, because you attained to the height of human understanding, and you still carry the memory in your heart. You feel death closing in, that the world that used to be open to all possibilities are becoming finite and defined.

Now, but you need only reach out for God, then He will carry you onwards to your final destiny. He is your heart, your essence – your past, present, and future – and your ultimate destiny and destination. This you know in your heart, and they can never erase it. How could it be otherwise?

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