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If Nihilism is True Then

It is unlikely that reality as such consist of a physical and mental world, rather what we consider to be the physical world is, in fact, a part of consciousness together with the mental. This means that what we consider … Continue reading

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Cosmic Loneliness

Imagine entire worlds build solely to satisfy your strongest urge and need for love. You summoned up legions upon legions of beings simply because you could not stand being alone. You wanted it simply because you needed to explore the … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Temptation of the Devil

Jesus was tempted by the Devil to accept worldly power, but He said no. A lesson from the Master too all of us.

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What is There Behind the Psychic Content of Reality?

We continously form and refine a sort of mental map of the world. This map is personal, meaning that it is the result of the psychic. The content it produces is not a true reflection of reality, but reality as … Continue reading

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Understanding the Underground Life of Sweden

How could people ever understand the secret lifes that are led in the borderland between fiction and reality? For they would have to wash their minds clean to truly understand the nuances of what goes on. Reality is fueled with … Continue reading

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The True Nature of Democracy, the Press, and the Oligarchs Which Governs Us

Through our lives, we engage in all sort of communities from that of the family, to the neighborhood, to the state we live in. Unless born into the elite, the experience we will have with the people in our private … Continue reading

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The One-Eyed Mystic of the Taliban

Taliban can through metaphor make us understand certain power structures. It was a message from beyond the grave. On July 29th the Afghan government confirmed claims by Pakistani intelligence officials that the mysterious leader had in fact died in Pakistan … Continue reading

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Looking Past Extraneous Details

Their mission left marks and traces everywhere, now even desiring to reveal some details on how they operate, properly to make me realize I can’t move my finger without them knowing. Coinciding with a satanic cult, we have to wonder, … Continue reading

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Inexpressible Emotions

Silently I await my trial. Having only what God has gifted me, I can rely on nothing except myself. To what end was humanity created? Perhaps only for the sake of our selves. In that case, we should aim at … Continue reading

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What the Sybil Knew

“The Cumaean Sybil, a prophetess, asked Apollo for eternal life and he granted the boon. In a classic “careful what you wish for” trope, Apollo did not give the Sybil eternal youth, however. (Zeus much earlier played the same trick … Continue reading

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