The Purity of Motherhood

Harry Potter is underrated for two reasons. First of all, it was packed for teenagers. Secondly, because it seems naive to people who do not know better.

In reality, it touches many vital and profound archetypes. Yet, we must also see it in its proper light. It has become a false idol in the wake of the destruction of Faith. It still can, and should be, enjoyed.

About Hjort Emil

Nothing and no one. I live perpetually in the twilight, where I chase after lost and broken shadows. I stare at death and destruction and watch as the world falls apart. There is nothing you can teach me any longer, for I have seen the suffering and the desolation that are to come, and have come.
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3 Responses to The Purity of Motherhood

  1. emilhjort says:

    I love Harry Potter for its portrayal of purity of spirit, it’s virginity, that is, a love unspoiled by the worthlessness and cruelty of the world. And that’s why people love to hate it because its silent beauty points directly at their shameless and dirty core, and that hurts, for they were once innocents too, but their “illusions” were taken from them by an unforgiven world.

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