Understanding the Underground Life of Sweden

How could people ever understand the secret lifes that are led in the borderland between fiction and reality? For they would have to wash their minds clean to truly understand the nuances of what goes on.

Reality is fueled with traces of error, simple explanations, self-deception, lack of knowledge, and rarely do anybody see it for what it truly is. It’s muddy out there. Who in their right mind could ever understand? We must follow hidden traces left everywhere, and never as such arrive anywhere, but continuously living in, and exploring the wilderness.

Is it a case of insanity, and then, to what degree? It is left for the individual observer to judge, but no one who truly sees it ever underestimate it. Most will not understand, and the field is filled with stereotypes and prejudice.

It is best described as a heightened awareness and state of mind in which one feels cojoined with a divine entity.

That is its ultimate capacity and goal, crafted through extreme and catastrophical states of mind, being the result of extreme penances.

My state of mind? I live completely isolated in a forest.

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