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“Union”? – Unclear Terminology

The phrase ‘union with God’ is paradoxical at first, but becomes clearer when we investigate it. Let’s take another example: the union of opposites. What does it mean? It means that the one cannot exist without the other. It means … Continue reading

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The Morning Splendor

A quote I received: “My name is “Might!” I am the face of existence, and there are no one besides Me. I am the centuries, nay, even the milleniums, and beyond that. I am a force that could immediatly destroy … Continue reading

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The Workings of Mind

The mind views the world in form of a multitude of different events and objects which, in the mind, are all wholes in themselves, though made up of many different parts and an essence which binds them all together (“the … Continue reading

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Race and Being

The human community is spellbound to its particular goals and transcendent ideals. They are as hypnotized into a particular tune, totally in love with their goal of reaching immortality by claming their desires. This dance of war, death and love … Continue reading

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Men are not naturally brothers. Strife and war is set between them, and that is their condition. A man should be strong and pragmatic, hardened through years of dark winter nights. Woe be to the useless and weak, for there … Continue reading

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Don’t Expect Anything

You do not know suffering You have not seen The eyes of the tiger You have not felt The pain and the terror Were you there In the secret hours Of my betrayal? You were properly eating your lunch So … Continue reading

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What Does Satanism, Pedophilia, and the Elite Have in Common?

It might sound like a crazy conspiracy theory to you, but the death of the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was no accident. He didn’t commit suicide, he was murdered, because they, the elite pedophiles, wanted to cover-up their disgusting crimes. We … Continue reading

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I am someone lost Someone not easily defined I am someone free Don’t judge me How could you understand me? I am not comprehended By one easy sentence I am a multitude I am someone Released from the production I … Continue reading

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Interview With a Dead One

I, Abu Ghraib, an awakened soul, sought the council of a dead one. We discussed many important things, and I was allowed to interview him. Who are you? Nothing and no one. I am completely unimportant. None of this is … Continue reading

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Ritualistic Abuse

The Western world supposedly tries to portray themselves as the good guy against the forces of evil. But what if this were mere fiction and propaganda? We know about the extensive torture of Islamic terrorists after 9/11, yet it seems … Continue reading

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