The Importance of Morality

Morality is that one construct of human existence that permeates his experience from birth to dead, and it is arguably the noblest field to study because by it you engage in your own mythical Armagaddon.

All choices are moral choices even if unconscious. From baby we “learn to behave”, we learn the moral code of our parents. Yet, it is a field widely unstudied by the general mass of people, which explains why our societes are so messy. Instead of becoming a beacon of hope, our keepers thrive by our ignorance.

Good and evil exist in a hierarchical relationship, where goodness is inherently better than evil. Further more, the good are rewarded while evil is punished. By engaging in evil activities, it is said that one destroys ones soul. This is of course metaphorical language. What it means is that something in ones essence hates evil and suffer by it. It is against nature, so to speak.

By becoming aware of the Personality of the Godhead through a mystical experience, one simultaneously find one in the presence of something fundamentally good and beneficent. Despite what the modern man thinks, there are care for humanity on the top floor.

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