Ritualistic Abuse

The Western world supposedly tries to portray themselves as the good guy against the forces of evil. But what if this were mere fiction and propaganda? We know about the extensive torture of Islamic terrorists after 9/11, yet it seems that most people are more interested in the quality of their pudding, than the rights of their fellow human beings.

And by the hypnotic quality of the television, even the most sensitive souls quickly fall asleep again. Nothing is done, because, despite the promise of democracy, none can change anything. They do what they will, whenever they will.

So the Land of Plenty slides ever further into a dark pit. No one knows what really goes on, but through declassified material, we can ascertain that all talk of human rights is fictitious. Furthermore, what they reveal to the public is carefully orchestrated. Reality is much worse.

Since child, he was essentially excluded from society. He was a ghost detainee par excellence, not really existing as other citizens does, and having all rights and freedoms stripped from him.

Living in a simulation at a black site (a prison inside society) meant to inflict pain and trauma.

Once established, then the torture began. Here are my accusations:

Sophisticated public humiliation. Harrased and threathened almost daily. Purposefully kept in drug abuse through at least six years. On several occasions given enough drugs to almost cause an overdose. Given a drug which causes blackouts, and properly humiliated in that condition (from what I can recollect). Pushed violently around and hit in the head several times. Strangulated until blackout (close to death). Kept through several years in a state close to starvation. Manufactured suicide attempt. Extensive psychological torture. Molestation as a child by two close relatives. Purposefully neglected as a child. Manufactured brain damage. Sprayed in eyes with teargas. Chained to a bed, unable to move hands and feets many times. False psychiatric diagnosis. Purposefully given medication with bizarre side effects. Deceived and manipulated into accepting absurd propositions. Complete social exclusion. Excluded from jobs and education institutions. False prison sentence (lifetime, never to be included in society despite being innocent). Stripped of all basic rights. No trial. Being born into a state similar to slavery.

So will they plead guilty? Properly not, since psychopaths are per definition without remorse.

Everything was done inside the territory of Scandinavia, countries otherwise known for their human rights and extensive social welfare programs, which should be enough to make anybody suspicious of their government.

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Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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