Men are not naturally brothers. Strife and war is set between them, and that is their condition. A man should be strong and pragmatic, hardened through years of dark winter nights. Woe be to the useless and weak, for there is no place here on Earth for them. We are a morality of might, for that is the natural condition for gods. None of us are like princesses, more like the tales of pre-Christian Scandinavia, but not pompous and boastful like the Greeks.

God is like a magician or wizard, able to alter reality to his wish and desire. Upon further insepction, common sense properly breaks down and reveals a radical different state of the real, while common sense remains still with the common people. There is nothing to fear, for reality remains what it is despite any pain it may cause us, or any delusions and lack of knowledge we might have.

Perhaps we were once an elf-like race existing in a perfectly ordered universe, but then our solar system got swallowed by a chaos-structure such as a black hole, and now our reality seems to be unstable.

The only assumption we should make is that we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

The common people in their archetypical form represents something simple, yet pure and good. They too are pragmatic, as pragmatic as it comes, and though they tend to live in houses, it would be to overestimate them to call them rich. But they too can quickly degenerate into petty behavior, yet they deserve our love and not our arrogance. Though we cannot meet in this life.

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