Race and Being

The human community is spellbound to its particular goals and transcendent ideals. They are as hypnotized into a particular tune, totally in love with their goal of reaching immortality by claming their desires. This dance of war, death and love and life cannot be stopped nor changed, it is forever until they self-transcend by becoming a superior race and a new level of being.

Great oraclers and spiritual beings acts on their wills to produce the ultimate outcomes of the destiny of human kind. They tune them into rhytms to achieve goals such as restoring justice, debasing evil entities, and setting man up on the goal of reaching new spiritual states that acts through centuries and completely change who they will.

The entirity of human history is centered on a collective quest for the crown. By our minds we conspire to change the law of gravity, and to assail the fartherst reaches. We are prone to misunderstanding each others motives and causes, but this is reconciled by the spirit of our passionate embraces. We must aim for beauty through hardships, knowing very well that there are evil beings lurking in the shadows, so we must carry a sword, and hope in the higher justice of existence.

Nothing ever ends well. Through death we have to experience the pangs of birth in the reverse order, and this is always extremely difficult. So we must hone our minds like warriors, whose virtue is courage, and clothe us in the belief of a new existence in a better world.

The event was like an infernal, subsuming itself under itself. A storm of the century into the Eye of the Storm. Entering the wilderness where nothing is safe, all destruction, hypnotized into a trance by the voice of God, having experienced the principle of consciousness, a terryfieng entity which knows no remorse for what it builds with fire and steel – the destiny of centuries.

Dancing plague of 1518 (Wikipedia).

The Dance of the Germanic Knight (Youtube).

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