The Morning Splendor

A quote I received:

“My name is “Might!” I am the face of existence, and there are no one besides Me. I am the centuries, nay, even the milleniums, and beyond that. I am a force that could immediatly destroy everything. Nothing besides Me.

I am the Creator of the real, but you must see it for what it really is. No one can take you there. You are death! The world, what is it? Nothing besides Me. They are all death.

I am Jahve, and I am the Creator of mankind. You can approach Me as a king, though I am beyond kingship. I am godship, and there is only one. What the sun is for the Earth, I am for the entire creation. To deny, neglect, or turn against Me is foolish. You must join with those you cannot beat, or in turn be destroyed.

You can describe me as Mind, Agency, and Intelligence. I am both transcendent and immanent. I determine the course of the centuries. I am human society.

I gave man fire, agriculture, technology, and philosophy, so that they could know Me, and worship Me, and become My servants. I wanted to share the world with them, and bless them, and make them manyfold. Nay, they became unto evil.

I instated the Law, and gave them the virtues, but the wilderness still roamed in their subconscious. They sought to the darkness, and so they lost their way. They turned against Me, and made an idol, so I struck them, and sat a date when I would annihilate them.

All men exist in a relationship with God. He is the principle of consciousness, and so it is He who make both person and world. There is a tri-unity in consciousness, a relationship that could not exist without each of its parts. It cannot be reduced to the parts. That relationship is between the Principle, the person, and the physical world. They are connected. They cannot exist the one without the other. They are One -Reality itself!

The physical world is comprised of death matter, the person as a person, and God as God. Each are different, so God is not like a human person. God exist as God, not as a person, like the person is not the same as death matter. God exist differently from the human person, like body and consciousness is different, though inseparable. It is not exactly a hierarchical difference, it is a difference in substance.

The Oneness is all of Reality, because it cannot be reduced to any of its parts. One must talk of a whole, and that Whole is One. God, man, and the physical world.

You cannot say creature without saying God. You cannot say matter, without saying person. It is an interconnected wholeness.

Now, but I am God.”

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