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Is Selfless Action Possible?

The problem is this: We want our actions and thoughts to be guided by the most excellent moral finesse we can possibly comprehend, but is it possible to separate this from our natural need for power, sex, fame, and money? … Continue reading

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A Puzzle

Todays science says that the brain creates our experience of the world, but that the world outside is independent of us. This means that we find ourselves to be in the world, just another phenomenon among other. But what if … Continue reading

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In A Vision

I recieved this: “To the human race, I have only a fierce and furious polemic, but then again, I offer them a flimsy hope of one day attaining to the Divine, and to be reunited once more with their God.”

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Alone In The Wilderness

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Meeting God: An Experience That Fundamentally Altered Me Forever

There is supreme danger and intense fear upon leaving civilization and going into the wilderness where nothing is safe, and where the ego is first purified, and then transformed into a new state, like a caterpillar is first turned into … Continue reading

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Surviving Holocaust

Some people may claim that democracy is an illusion, and that the Western world is not the Home of Liberty, but is dominated by a reactionary and oligarchical elite. But making such claims is dangerous, because they might turn out … Continue reading

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The Dead Is Now Gone

Life is full of endings We come a little closer to death Each time we start a new chapter Soon I will rot And the worms eat my flesh They will devaur all That I so carefully kept What I … Continue reading

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Nothing And No One: Someone Dead

I who am nothing In the eyes of society I who own nothing I whom they cannot contain I who ride at the edges of consciousness I need no immortality For I have seen the tidal wave of time Consuming … Continue reading

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