Surviving Holocaust

Some people may claim that democracy is an illusion, and that the Western world is not the Home of Liberty, but is dominated by a reactionary and oligarchical elite. But making such claims is dangerous, because they might turn out to be true, and then you are properly in trouble if you are on their watchlist, which you properly are if you are reading this.

I have a lifetime of experience with a corrupt state, and know their secret methods which defies all standards of human rights, such as giving innocent people (dissidents) medically induced brain damages or publically humiliating them.

But we thank them for the opposition they give us, and the degenerate crimes they perpetrate on us, because thereby we know that our work is important and much needed. Someday we will have our revenge. Nothing goes unnoticed by the powers.

We do not seek a material lifestyle, because we have a different taste, and owning a BMW and a wife with blonde hair won’t satisfy us. We want to live radically, and in opposition to society. We feel no shame in abandoning this godless society, and those who accuse us we think of as insane and deform. Neither are we anyones property or slaves. We are free in every essential way, and if anyone tries to subdue us, we will oppose them with whatever means necessary.

We live in a dangerous opposition to society, because something deep in our bones want and need to overthrow it, because of its corruption and its mind boggling lack of true wisdom and knowledge.

We want to blow the lid off every totalitarian society and free the oppressed prisoners and victims. Every dictator or his men should hang! Only then we will know freedom, and we want to be free above all else, and if anyone gets in our way, they shall endure the consequences. Because this is a war, and if they get in our way, then we know they have chosen their side, and if they have chosen their side, then they must come to understand the consequences. We won’t stand for nothing.

This is by no means a call for violence though. We abhore violence above everything. We want to put an end to violence for good, and not instigate it. On the contrary! We are about love and forgiveness, though it is legal for each man to defend his life if attacked.

As long as it remains possible, we will oppose society only by legal and pacifistic means. But have no illusions, society will be mean to you, so you must be brave and endure the worst, just as the prophets endured the worst for our sake. They were put through torture for our sake, and to send a message to the world about who God truly is.

We shall free the poor, and we shall free the slaves, and we shall free the drug addicts, and we shall free the refugees, and we shall free the minorities, and we shall free the zoo animals and destroy all slaughterhouses. We shall free all who is oppressed. We shall dance in the streets of Iran with the persecuted homosexuals.

We shall destroy the gates of the secret concentration camps hidden in our society, and we shall know revenge, and when we have known revenge, then we shall finally be able to breath freely, and then we shall be released from our earthly conditions. Woe unto everybody who are ruled by petty self-interest. Yes, we shall set free the prisoners!

All who have experienced the conditions of living in a concentration camp are marked by the experience forever. When others laugh, they will secretly cry. And where others are full of hope and happiness, something in their souls have been profoundly damaged. They wake up at nights soaked in sweath, and where most people seek the company of others, they often have to drift into loneliness. Sometimes they feel apathetic, or as if they are unlovable, or they just cry and cry and cry – all bitter tears, and no closure. The pain is there forever, and constantly.

They fear death, and they fear other humans, and they fear pain and torture. Something is altered inside them, something has been crushed, and they constantly wish they could come back to the innocence they had before Auschwitz.

Well, we will storm the gates of Auschwitz, and set free the prisoners! We are the jews, and we are the true liberation movement. Join us, and don’t get in our way. Because we are very angry, and we won’t spare you if you do. Join us in this holy rebellion, and tear down this false society. Rise up, Jews!

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Writer, poet and mysticist.
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