Meeting God: An Experience That Fundamentally Altered Me Forever

There is supreme danger and intense fear upon leaving civilization and going into the wilderness where nothing is safe, and where the ego is first purified, and then transformed into a new state, like a caterpillar is first turned into a cocoon, and then into a butterfly. Well, the wilderness is the state of being a cocoon, an intermediate state. It is a state where one has completely left society, and therefore also the illusions and prejudices that the normal man, or rather, the man who is yet a caterpillar, love to nurture in his heart.

This he does because, like the caterpillar, he experience reality completely different from the butterfly. The butterfly has senses and faculties that the caterpillar cannot even image. It might hear the butterfly speak about what it will become, but it is of yet unrealized. It must come to the conclusion that, only by leaving behinds its current state can it become something superior, and if it will not, it must be pushed because, despite what fears it may nurture, it cannot renounce its ultimate destiny.

Oh yes, it will go through extreme birth pangs, before it can become what it must be. It is dangerous and painful and some will succumb and die, therefore forever failing the attempt of becoming a new form. Nothing here is safe and nothing is guaranted, but that is the face and consequence of existence.

The wilderness is a state of mind more than a place. It is the ending of all comfortable illusions, and an entrance into the presence of God. Once there, the greatest secret of all ages will be revealed, but it is extremely dangerous. If you are to go there, you will experience it for yourself, and then you will understand. Otherwise it is bound to be a fruitless speculation. If you are not called by God first, then nothing in the world can change that.

The chosen lives from childhood with extreme forces in his soul, and so he often gets into trouble with others and is thus misunderstood and shamed, and often abandoned by society, because these apes cannot love what they cannot understand. May they receive their just punishment! He is not a man or rather, there is a fundamental categorial difference between him and other humans. He is something extremely rare, and much more precious than gold or jewels.

“I have seen something terrible, and now my soul cannot find its peace.”

We think that we live apart from God or that He does not exist, but we fail to grasp the truth that He is our very essence. This can never be realized by the common man, because he is bound by the illusion that he is alone in the soul. But some few, the mystics, realize that the alter and cross they worship as symbols outside of themselves, are in them. No, no, no. Don’t confuse the ego with God. You must evolve into a new state before you can ever understand. Then you will come to abide in a perfect union with God.

O dear child, did you enter into the wilderness? Well, now I say you must go into society again. Not to become like them, mindless consumers, happy and satisfied with trivial materialistic pursuits, but to understand society, and thereby come to know wisdom. The wilderness must give way to civilization, but you must carry the wilderness in your heart. You must become one with nature, and then you must furiously critisize this godless society.

“It is no longer I who live, but God that lives in me.”

This for those who had the courage to abandon society: “Live on wild diamonds! Live on crazy jewels! Go forth, go forth, go forth! Be always true to yourself! You live in exceeding danger, and you have come to a crossroad, now choose! Choose and become! Fail not, because life does not forgive. Keep your hands on the wheel, O greatest of men! Courageous heros, live on!”

This to thine enemies: “Whoever opppose me, I must count among the sick and deranged, or the blind and deaf, or the hopelessly brainwashed. For who can be against Power? There is no use in resisting. It is a hopeless battle that cannot be won. You must put down your weapons and join us, or face the consequences. O Terrible Wrath, will there be consequences? Sure there will be consequences. Do not deceive yourself! You have heard the Word, because the Word spoke to everybody. Did you not hear it?”

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