A Puzzle

Todays science says that the brain creates our experience of the world, but that the world outside is independent of us. This means that we find ourselves to be in the world, just another phenomenon among other.

But what if our “brains” aren’t in the world, but rather is the world? Then our consciousness would essentially be a Creator, or, in another word, God, or in yet another word, a demiurge.

So that is the great question. Does the world exist independent of our consciousness, or is the world created by consciousness.

We might then consider the Buddhist idea of emptiness. It would make sense to say that, prior to the world, we are formless, and from this state of no-thing in particular, arises that which we presently experience as the world.

In addition:

Well, we can dispute wheter or not consciousness is in the world or is the world, but that is not important. The important thing is to see that, like consciousness creates our experience of the world (this we know for certain), analogically the world with its many things flow out from God (we are used to see them as two separate substances, but instead of being separate, they might be interrelated).

Like the experience of the world is relative to our consciousness, that is, could not exist without consciousness, likewise the world could not exist without God. And, as consciousness is useless if there is no experience, likewise God looses his meaning, or is at best dormant, if there is no world or cosmos to create and order, sustain, and destroy.

The task of God is to create and order the world, and therefore there is a certain relativity between the world and God. The world certainly could not be without God, but, likewise, God really only exist in so far as He creates the world. Well, we might say that He is dormant until creation comes about. But the analogy with the relativity of consciousness and experience holds true: they come about at the same time.

And like the brain, when considered from the point of view of modernity, is useless without its purpose which is to create a conscious experience, likewise we can see that the purpose of God is to create the world, without which, He has no purpose (though some might contend that He is a person).

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