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Deniability in the Face of God

Long lost battlefields of ancient kingdoms The world is complicated but you need not fear Men out there who are violent without remorse People who will scare you as you wander through What good do you think denial will do? … Continue reading

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Why Hedonism Is Always Wrong

Hedonism has become the basic philosophy for much of the world, not only Western civilization as many would suppose, but also else where such as China and Russia. Hedonism is the belief that the good of life is the pursuit … Continue reading

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Like An Athlete

There are many ways to fail in obtaining a goal, but they all boil down to two main causes which are, first, ignorance, and second, that you simply ran out of luck. The last one cannot be overcome, but the … Continue reading

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China Shows Us Our Future

The totalitarians do not desire any resemblance of a just society. All they want is to build a system of perfect control that cannot be overthrown. They will pacify the population as they have done in Scandinavia. Here people seem … Continue reading

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The Errors Of Modernity

It is implied in the very name what modernity is. It is a reaction against tradition, or what came before modernity such as religion, aristocracy, and much of the ethics developed in that period of our history. Some of the … Continue reading

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Be True To Yourself

Why do you let other people steer the wheels? Are you not capable of handling it alone? Oh yes, you crash and burn upon making the wrong decision, but then you recover and are wiser. Rarely do other people offer … Continue reading

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The Hollow People

Beauty – what is it? Merely an outward appearance with no substance in it, and often all too hollow when opened to see what is within. They do everything to look special and important, but the trained eye sees but … Continue reading

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Is He Really A Gentleman?

“That fellow looks like a real gentleman!” Yes, it is true. But let us rather inquire into his moral character than his appearance or rather, how does he treat the weak and downtrodden? For that is the measuring stick by … Continue reading

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The End Of Civility

The problem with our culture is not Islamic terrorists or George Bush and his hitmans, but the decadence brought about when we slaughtered God in the name of… In the name of what exactly? No one seem to remember anymore, … Continue reading

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What The False Self Is

We collect a variety of material objects, work well paying jobs, and desire other such things, as if it somehow made us better human beings to possess these things or qualities. But we don’t realize that we are naked in … Continue reading

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