To Act Or Not To Act?

Resignation comes about when one realizes that it is useless to act. The world is so profoundly entangled in evil, that any crucial act would only bring about three new heads on the Hydra.

One can act from personal ambition, but that is to corrupt ones soul. Our desire is to see the world in a better condition, yes, we actually believe the narrative. It is true that we are motivated by sexual energies, but we cannot reduce ourselves to this. We have a higher as well as lower self, and only when they work in harmony can we be experience actual happiness.

Psychoanalysis distrusted our motivations, and a sceptical attitude is important, but we are born with a heart, and we could never achieve any joy if it meant that we destroyed it meanwhile. Crushing ones heart is extemely painful.

The world is run by outright psychopaths. How else could it be in such a ridiculous and broken shape? Only perverted freaks could mis-manage Gods creation like this.

What is worse than resignation is becoming a zombie. What is worse than the psychopaths are their ever faithful followers, who have sold out their soul for 30 silver coins. Unlike Judas, they seem happy about it.

This is because society has crushed them. They are good at fitting into an office, turning on the tellyvison and buying homes and spawning kids. They literally believe this world is the best possible, since before modernity people starved, and we had feudalism and monarchy.

But this is nonsense. This judgement is based on relativity. When you get out of the oven, the room will seem cold despite it being 50 degrees celsius in there, and everybody else is sweating.

They haven’t sold out on their beliefs, because they never had any. If they had any, they would properly act. Or if they have any beliefs, they are terrible vague and imprecise, and they become activist, but never actually achieving anything. All changes is sponsered by those who have money that is, the state. Activists are simply morons who want to attract a following.

They are neither good nor evil, but because they always submit to authority, they tend more towards evil than good.

What can one do in the face of such evil and horror? To flee would be wise, and to live another day. Yet Gandalf urges us on, to defend Gondor, while yet realizing the pain that is ahead. So like proud and brave soldiers we realize our duties, but also the little we as individuals can do.

We await the arrival of God on the scene, which is soon.

About Emil Hjort

Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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