What The False Self Is

We collect a variety of material objects, work well paying jobs, and desire other such things, as if it somehow made us better human beings to possess these things or qualities. But we don’t realize that we are naked in front of God. God does not see the car we drive, or the suit we wear. But we no longer desire God. Instead we desire whatever it is the commercials makes us believe we need, mostly because it seems our social standing would improve or get better if only we had it.

Psychologists has named the source of these preoccupations, which in many people becomes an obsession, the false self. It is false, because the self cannot truly be improved by appearing as if it had high social value. But people are totally convinced that they can improve or become better if only they had this and that, and so they set out on an impossible quest to add social value to themselves, but never discovering that it is futile, because nothing can really be added to the self.

You cannot add to the self, because the self is naked. Naked in the sense that all of that which you own, your career, your muscular body, or whatever it is you are proud of, is not really you. You cannot become that and this. It is something you think is yours, but it is not truly you. In this sense you are naked and simple, and without accessories or parts.

Yet people set out on this quest, but it is like putting make-up on a corpse.

What is truly real or good is not to become someone important in the social sense of the word, but to live authentically, which means that the choices you make should be yours, and not what the crowd wants you to choose. You need to discover what you truly value, and then you might see the path you must take.

Begone with this spurious ideology of consumerism and hedonism, and walk again among the trees, because trees have that infinite wisdom that you search, if only you could open your eyes and see. Where to does the trees grow? Upwards to the sun, of course! And so you too must grow upwards to eternity and God, that eye that ever burns, and is the cause of growth in the cosmos. All else shall soon be swallowed by the passage of time.

You cling to something, because it gives you a sense of being important, it provides you with a delight. But that delight is bound to end – soon. So you must live for something else than yourself, because the self is going to die.

Brother, do you fear dead? But then observe the trees, for they know how to die. Do you lack a true purpose? Then discern the eternal order found in the universe, and find your place in it.

We threw away the myths, when we threw away the gods. Somehow we thought we didn’t need God anymore, and so the myths became a laughing stock among men for their apparent archaic nature. But like poetry can convey emotion when an essay cannot, the myths were and is an important source of knowledge of the transcendental purposes of human life.

We might rediscover them, and again find meaning in life.

About Emil Hjort

Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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