The End Of Civility

The problem with our culture is not Islamic terrorists or George Bush and his hitmans, but the decadence brought about when we slaughtered God in the name of… In the name of what exactly? No one seem to remember anymore, because all genuine though is drowned in a sea of entertainment, consumerism, and wars waged seemingly without purpose, and that never ends.

Forget Osama Bin Laden. He is a virtuous and kind man compared with the terrorist celebrities that appear on the television and murder what hope we once had of a universal brotherhood, replacing it with self-interest or just plain egotism and bloviated egos.

We could have become the greatest culture to ever exist (because we have the means), but instead we dumbed down everything by appealing everywhere to the lowest common denominator. People might have plenty of food now, but they have traded material pleasures for their soul, and have accordingly become shallow. We didn’t just commit suicide, but like a terrorist, we took everyone else down with us.

The plan, like everything genius, is obvious and simple. Seduce them with useless information and silly entertainment that drown all honest voices, and then they won’t notice when what they called democracy is history, and they are all enchained to an uncompromising system, or rather, they will be too dumb to even notice.

What could be more painful than living among these brutes and beasts that now walks the Earth? No wonder we never found a place to rest, that we could call home.

About Emil Hjort

Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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