The Errors Of Modernity

It is implied in the very name what modernity is. It is a reaction against tradition, or what came before modernity such as religion, aristocracy, and much of the ethics developed in that period of our history. Some of the principles produced by modernity is admirable. We can for an example mention the abandonment of slavery as an institution.

But at the same time, modernity produced its own inconsistencies and prejudices.

Believing in the infallibility of science

We hail science as the cornerstone of the empire, but fail to understand that modern science cannot examine every part of reality, and is thus limited. It cannot go beyond its own models, which demands that something has to be observable or measureable to become an object of science.

Neither is science infallible. Much of the science produced are outright wrong, but since it is “science” people blindly follow it, and what they call “an expert opinion” is merely based on authority, and thus not on what is true.


Most people today believe what is called by metaphysicists ‘materalistic monism’, which means that we have reduced everything to forms of matter, even consciousness. This in spite of the fact that nobody has ever witnessed matter apart from consciousness, and we thefore cannot know if it exits. Underscoring this: what we believe to be matter are really objects of consciousness, and not what common sense believe to be “the physical world made of matter”.

Because consciousness is seen as just a random occurence, something that just came by chance, we have effectively abandonded two important principles; that of the hierarchy between matter and consciousness, and the idea of the cosmos.

Ancient wisdom established a relation of hierarchy between matter and consciousness, claiming that consciousness is more important or better than dead matter, which makes sense because it is clear to anybody that the living uses the dead in order to be. The body is a vessel for consciousness, and in another sense consciousness is the very meaning of the body. The body has no use apart from consciousness.

Likewise, if we at all assume the existence of matter, the lower and lifeless principles (such as the sun, the moon, and the planets) exists to serve, or rather, to bring into being and to create the conditions for, the higher principles (consciousness, and whatever may be out there that we currently haven’t discovered). Consciousness is the crown jewel of the universe.

In the very act of making something random, or unreliable, such as the occurence in the universe of consciousness, we really destroy the idea of the cosmos, which means that we live in an ordered and meaningful world. This means that the universe operates by a fixed “plan”. Nothing random is happening. Everything that comes into being does so, because the universe in itself contains its condition. Nothing comes into being, that weren’t meant to happen.


Most people in the Western world slavishly accept the dogma of atheism. This they do not out of genuine thought or wisdom, but simply because that is how most people think and behave.

They even ridicule the concept, yet are unable to accurately describe what God is or how He is conceived of by expert theologians and thus their rebuke of religion amounts to nothing else besides ignorance, and that alone establishes who is really foolish.

Like sheep, they blindly follow authority into their doom.

Hedonism (ethics)

Most people today believe that the meaning of life is the seaking of pleasure (or what they call “happiness”). They are hedonistic utilitarians. Being raised by the television, they believe that the goods of life consist in wealth, power, sex, and fame.

They have little regard for true values such as humility, charity, and wisdom. This alone is enough to reject modernity, because we understand it to mean that they are bad or in another sense, Satanists. Though without knowing that this is the philosophy they follow.

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