China Shows Us Our Future

The totalitarians do not desire any resemblance of a just society. All they want is to build a system of perfect control that cannot be overthrown.

They will pacify the population as they have done in Scandinavia. Here people seem to be in a perpetual state of bliss, which means that they have also become numb and domesticated – quite like cattle – and therefore not a threat to the system. Who would want to become an activist or partake in a demonstration when everything seems to be “just fucking perfect”?

But inside they are the hollow people. Any spirit or soul they once possessed has been eaten mercilessly by a hypocritical system that instructs them that freedom is slavery, and that happiness is to be depressed about ones life.

Then they install desires in them that can only be achieved by becoming a loyal citizen. You have to obey us and go to your job. Then you will be better than the sorry assholes who are jobless and accordingly have no friends, cannot attract a mate, and do not own a house. But inside they know that they are living a lie.

I mean, have you seen them? These people who have worked thirty years at a government office and each day go home to a wife or husband that they haven’t truly loved for the past fifteen years. An early death would be a preferable destiny.

They have lost their spirit, properly because they never had any. To have spirit means to be alive in the sense that you are amazed about life and the possibilities it contains. If you have spirit, nothing in the world can stop you from exploring this great realm. Not even the government you love because you would stick out from the crowd if you didn’t.

China shows us our future: a maddening system where all true creativity and love have been replaced by fear and submission. Our only option is to overthrow the system now before it is too late forever.

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Writer, poet and mysticist.
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