Like An Athlete

There are many ways to fail in obtaining a goal, but they all boil down to two main causes which are, first, ignorance, and second, that you simply ran out of luck.

The last one cannot be overcome, but the first one can.

Like an athlete, we know how to train, but most people do not consider what else is behind a successful athlete.

A superior athlete knows not only when and how they are supposed to train, but also when they should relax, so that their muscles can repair themselves. Movement is always followed by rest, and if you think you can do too much at the same time, you are sure to fail.

Another failure caused by ignorance is trying to fulfill too many goals at the same time. If you spend your energies on a lot of different goals, you will never reach perfection in any of them. You have to sacrifice everything for the pursuit of a maximum of two or three goals.

Have you ever seen a boxer simultaneously being a marathon runner? I bet you haven’t because a boxer’s physique cannot adapt to a marathon.

We are like athletes of the mind: each day we push on and we gain a little, which will accumulate in the end. And each day, when the sun sets, we rest so that we can greet the following day with another perfectly executed part of a seemingly never ending cyclus.

We are passionate about what we are doing. Sometimes it feels as if it is our passion that lives, and no longer us. Nothing could be more detrimantal to our wellbeing than being unable to train for our marathon.

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