Deniability in the Face of God

Long lost battlefields of ancient kingdoms
The world is complicated but you need not fear
Men out there who are violent without remorse
People who will scare you as you wander through
What good do you think denial will do?
You are here so you must own up to it
Be torn from your beliefs and be naked in front of God
Someday perhaps the secret will unfold

Until then remember you are a man
See the earth beneath you so few flowers there
Behold the earth as we set out to colonize it
To extract whatever pleasure it might contain
We crush flowers beneath our feet
Destroy them as we realize ourselves complete
Nature and reality, that which paints the sunset red
Relentlessly pursuing our passions
Subsuming what we can beneath our will
Realizing our inherent fragility
Terrorists have no sentiment for what they kill

We wander on regardless
Having no mercy for the killers as they face their fate
Realizing that the world will end
Nothing is certain we don’t know what the night brings
The wilderness cares not for broken thoughts
It was never within your power to judge
Hold on to the Messiah and carve your way through
This environment as it changes by the strangeness of the will
The magic is out there though it is empty within

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