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Who You Are

You are not life. Life is something that happens to you. Thus you are transcendent. You are not born, and you do not die. You are not affected by time, and neither do you exist in space. You cannot suffer … Continue reading

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The Problem and the Solution

People approach a spiritual teacher because they want to solve the problem of existing in the material realm. Bodily things works because they use energy, but since they cannot produce it themselves, they are dependent on an external energy source, … Continue reading

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Krishnamurti on the Ego, Desire, Choice and Ignorance

We think we have a will of our own, and we exercise that will through our choice. But, if you observe, you will see that will is the outcome of innumerable desires, of many forms of frustrations, fears, and these … Continue reading

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They Destroy Everything

Being hardly self-conscious and aware about their place and situation in a greater macrocosmos, yet they claim to be concerned about inequality and climate change and other such ideological elements, but insists on traveling to New York to buy Christmas … Continue reading

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The World Beyond

Man is as if trapped in matter which pulls our awareness into its orbit resulting in sin, suffering and death due to its negative influence. Man sometimes feel occasional outburst of joy and happiness, but mostly he is locked in … Continue reading

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Alan Watts on the Path Ahead

Human consciousness is — at the same time as being a form of awareness, and sensitivity, and understanding — it’s also a form of ignorance. The ordinary everyday consciousness that we have leaves out more than it takes in. And … Continue reading

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Following the Traces of Distant Echoes

We play with the shadows on the wall arranging them for decline Who can tell now what is right and true? How would you know? With zero consequences we administer chaos in our midst With no responsibility, we willingly put … Continue reading

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About Glory

Glory is real in the sense that some people have glory. It is very real in another sense, because it is widely esteemed. But people out of reckless habit misunderstand the nature of glory. Glory is not to be sought … Continue reading

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Silly Claims And Crazy Conspiracies

Imagine that you live in one of the planets most affluent nations that have build a system that works for the benefit of almost everybody. Those who aim for profit and career are allowed to do so, and they can … Continue reading

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Attempting the Impossible

We must come to know who we are. Humans are special because they consist of two distinct substances, the body and consciousness. Through the body we partake in material reality. The mind shines forth from our third eye like a … Continue reading

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