The Tough Ascent

Private property is an impediment on the way to enlightenment and God. You can own the essentials, but you must not fall into the trap of consumerism and the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. You want to separate yourself from them, though it comes with a great price.

We call them ‘herd animals’ which is a collective noun. Using a collective noun in this context means that they are alike and act like a unit, but this at the same time excludes having autonomy and originality. Mediocracy is base, because it implies being limited in areas such as personality, intelligence, and creativity.

They follow a script laid down to them from their ancestors, and while this is to some degree an advantage since tradition is formed out of experience, it denies them the possibility of making decisions for themselves. They reason that if everybody else is doing it, then they must be personally blameless, and it also affords them the extra security of having a trusted authority make the decisions for them.

They have become secondhand human beings because they always conform to the doctrines of the herd. This means that they are not as such capable of genuine thoughts. They haven’t thought it through themselves, and because they refrain from doing this (they might stick out, you know?) they lack depth in their understanding of the world around them, and they are mostly crude and inconsiderate despite seemingly being polished.

The development of the bourgeois class is a typical case of undisciplined morality and unawareness. Once when they were still without rights and ruled by the clergy and nobility, they were more than willing to extend their struggle to include the destitute and working class. Yet when society became a bourgeoisie society par excellence, as it is now especially in Scandinavia, they are slowly stripping away the rights of the lower classes.

This was to be expected because wealth and privilege create selfish brats. That’s just the way it has always been. There is a fascist monster lurking inside every intellectual, banker, lawyer, merchant, but it only comes out at the appropiate time. That time is coming now.

If you go it alone, then beware. But you must do it, and fight through it. No, you won’t be a polite subject at the dinner table, but at least you faced the world with open-mindedness combined with courage, love, and curiosity, and not the stifling ineptitude that comes from never having experimented with truth and reality.

Since you had too see it for yourself, your wings were scorched when you reached the Sun. And so you fell down hard and broke you bones, and you were blinded and could no longer see what they see. Lastly you were humiliated by the crowd for having such audacity against their heathen idols and stupid superstitions.

But despite your handicaps, you are better of than them, because you attained to the height of human understanding, and you still carry the memory in your heart. You feel death closing in, that the world that used to be open to all possibilities are becoming finite and defined.

Now, but you need only reach out for God, then He will carry you onwards to your final destiny. He is your heart, your essence – your past, present, and future – and your ultimate destiny and destination. This you know in your heart, and they can never erase it. How could it be otherwise?

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