We Are Part Of A Lesser World


Matter is evil, but not in the sense of moral evil such as injustice and crime, but in the sense of being inferior. It is worse than consciousness, but is still ordered by its degree of partaking in beauty.

In the same way, this world have been created by an inferior being, usually called the Demiurge. This is obvious because only something inferior could have brought forth evil.

Only a being of a lesser and corrupt nature could have created a world full of abominations. Compared to the world made of light, this world is a nothingness of shame and regret. It is, in some sense, stupid or unintelligent because of its designer. It is of bad quality.

Because of this, we humans too are of an inferior sort. This is a lesser world that we are a part of; it is the world of Satan.

Christ was an incarnation of the Highest Reality, sent into the inferior world to free humans from it. He is our Saviour who deliver us from evil and the entanglement with matter.

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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