Matter And Consciousness

The two most fundamental substances found in this universe is consciousness and matter. We know of beings which consist solely of matter, namely trees and plants. Trees and plants are living beings, but contrary to mankind, they consist solely of a body, whereas mankind consist of both consciousness and matter, or in other words, of a soul and body.

If some beings consist solely of a body, while others have both soul and body, we might conceive beings consisting only of consciousness without a body, but since we haven’t observed a being like that, we are unsure if they exist.

Now, since we consist of both body and soul, we need to maintain both and keep them in an optimal condition. Bodies are maintained by what belongs to the body, which is namely food and drink, and when food and drink are in plente supply like it has become in modernity, the body needs effective exercise.

Maintaning the soul is another matter. Here we think primarily of healthy social interaction, putting the theory of the virtues into practice, gaining wisdom, and having a profession (which requires intelligence, which is a matter for the soul).

We see the body as something that must be overcome, because it is constituted by matter which is inferior and evil. What belongs to the body is the vices, and the number one vice of the modern world is hedonism.

Hedonism is the same as seeing the body as more important than the soul, whereas we know consciousness to be of a more important and advanced stage of life than the body. To the body belongs unhinged sexual desire, the search for power, arrogance, and all kinds of evil deeds too many to enumerate.

In this way modernity represents not an evolution or a progression from something worse, but rather the opposite. Modernity, as a thought process, is a perversion of the truth. The human race has – in the ideological sense – gone from something higher, consciousness, to something lower, matter or the body.

The only way out of this prison which is the world is to find the transcedent True God.

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