What We Want Less and More of

The world is corrupt, and you know what? It always was, and it always will be. This is our home and destiny though, and we want to undo and prevent evil and perversion as far as it is possible in this life. Now that we are here and know that we one day shall be gone, we might as well try to leave the world in a better state, simply because we love humanity and we want it to thrive.

The 21. century is a complicated affair. For most people in Western Europe, the world seems quite stable, and, well, life is good. We have lots of food on the table, and we can afford a lot more than just the essentials.

Since the destruction of the Soviet Union, things have been pretty good around here, most would properly reason.

But this stability simoultaneously means that people are giving up on their ideals. Since things seems good right now, what are the point of trying to improve it? But our politicians take advantage of this, even fostering it. While smiling at the cameras they slowly roll back two fundamental forces in our civilization, the welfare state and the human rights.

They boil the frog slowly, which means we don’t really notice it, and that way they avoid mass demonstrations and direct action. But someday the piss will turn cold, and when the public finally notice they won’t have any rights, and thus cannot stop it. Well, whatever! Until that day, we are still free to dream. Here is what we should have less and more of.

What we want less of:

We want less commercials dictating that we should own big televisions, luxurious mansions and have lots of romantic experiences with zero responsibility. Neither do we care about easy money or the life of rockstars. The American Dream is a dead end. Materialism might look impressive to some, but it is hollow when it is opened to see what is within. It was always a corrupt and damaged substitute for real and meaningful dreams and desires.

We don’t care anymore for people who deny a meaningful sense of obligation towards life.

Our new big problem is now not Leftism in its various shapes and sizes, but a new wave of Reactionary thugs and aspergers who want to make the Ku Klux Klan hot again, and they have found a powerful leader in Vladimir Putin, which makes them bold and vicious. Less right-wing terrorists would be desirable.

We want less trolls and bots to corrupt public opinion. We scarcely notice it right now, but the authorities are lying when it comes to bot activity on the Internet. I do not know exactly who is to blame, but bots have become sophisticated brainwashing tools. One can see the utility. Imagine comment sections on social media gigants such as Facebook and Youtube and online newspapers such as New York Times being overrun by bots with radical opinions. Being exposed to this in huge numbers on a daily basis will over time corrupt the opinions of weak persons.

Less Communistic ideation. Things have value because people desire it, is available only for a high price and exist only in small quantities. By destroying the class system, we destroy aspiration, and therefore the joy of life. We want to be free to excell.

We don’t want anymore internet. The Internet was cool, anarchistic and open-minded for some time, but now it is just another brainwashing tool. May it rest in peace, the last true bastion of freedom before the world ends.

What we want more of:

Meaningful experiences. Meaningful experiences are based on neither pleasure nor pain, though they might contain both of these elements. Meaning comes paired with wonder and awe, because it allow us to grasp something that is of extreme importance to our life and our place in a higher cosmos and order. This often comes along with suffering, because it makes us understand how insignificant and vulnerable we are. We are not the special snowflakes that our parents deceived us to believe we are.

More wisdom. Wisdom allows us to understand ourselves and the world we live in. Like the above, it is usually bought in pain. We remember how Odin had to sacrifice himself in order to gain knowledge of the runes.

We want to be reconciled with dead. Most of us are completely disillusioned about death and would do anything to avoid it. But this universe is based on change, and to keep it dynamic and vital, dead is a necessary component. Nothing here is eternal, as that would imply stagnation and inability, instead of a constant motion between creation and annihilation. This doesn’t reconcile us with our inevitable demise, but at least it explains why it is essential that it should happen.

Finding a trusthworthy partner. Being a person who is far from the mainstream, I find it hard to find someone to love. This is because people love their own reflections. They search for a partner they think will complete them as human beings. Or stated slightly differently, they want to satisfy their lust and then benefit from their partners success and status by having it for themselves by association. Well it’s not that black and white, but it’s not far from the truth either. I have chosen a path different from 95% of humanity, and it is hard to locate those 5% of which I have something in common.

Idealistic politicians instead of boring administrators and bureaucrats. We want someone who can awaken our spirit, and can bring us hope and the strength necessary to makes this world of our a more sublime place.

A generel fealing towards asceticism, but never in extreme measures. Though a total and complete rejection of modern consumer culture.

More untouched wilderness, and a less ambitious (greedy) humanity. We love wilderness partly because it sustains us, but more importantly because of its beauty. Our society is properly the first society to confuse vulgarity with beauty.

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