The Body is the Antithesis of the Spirit

We celebrate and indulge in all that belongs to the body, such as physical attraction and sex, prestige and power, material possessions and wealth, popularity and self-interest or selfishness.

The body is made of matter, and is the lowest principle found in nature. It is in some sense evil, and in another sense unintelligent, or just plainly stupid.

It is the sign of a dark age that we have lost that which belongs to the spirit, and have begun to worship the body.

To be a real person means to be in a balance with ones body and spirit. In medieval society most of the population had no choice other than to live strictly ascetic, which was seen as a sign of a true mark of religious devotion and honesty against the hypocrisy and self-indulgence of the upper classes.

Today the opposite has happened, or rather that is the case for Western Civilization. We indugle in the body above all else. This is the definition of decadence.

Both of these attitudes and lifestyles are wrong. There need to be a balance between the body and spirit, though the spirit should subsume the body under its control so that the body does not interfere with spirit and reason.

This is because the maintainance of the body is essential for the health of the spirit. We need to give to the body what belongs to the body. This include proper food and exercise, but also a certain amount of selfishness, sex and will to power. Suppressing these bodily forces results in dysfunction in the exchange and connection between spirit and body.

The body is evil, base and stupid, but in this life we cannot separate ourselves from it. We are intrinsically connected to it. Therefore we need to listen to it, and contain it by letting it speak and act at various times, but never as such overpowering the spirit. We control it by controlled indulgence, and that is the only proper way to exist.

The West has forgotten this wisdom, and therefore it is bound to its inevitable doom.

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Writer, poet and mysticist.
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