Attempting the Impossible

We must come to know who we are. Humans are special because they consist of two distinct substances, the body and consciousness. Through the body we partake in material reality. The mind shines forth from our third eye like a sun analyzing the various structures of reality. We are like heathens, ancient hierarchies of gods here on Earth.

Driven by whips out of the city, we set out into the wilderness partly to flee, partly out of a state of mind that are quickly deteriorating into life-defining visions and mystical states of cosciousness. Here, we set out to destroy firstly the ego and its attachment to material reality, and any illusions of it being powerful and important. It must come to loathe the body and whip it into position.

Remembering again our deep connection with matter, we sense that the essences of things can be pointed out in a few abstractions. By observation, we come to the conclusion that there are something alike to intelligence which order the universe. We sense our own intelligence and its limits, but consider also the animals, trees and plants, and understand their primal patterns and non-personal consciousness. The proportions of the womanly body are slender and submissive, though made unapproachable by social thinking and capitalistic marketing.

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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