Silly Claims And Crazy Conspiracies

Imagine that you live in one of the planets most affluent nations that have build a system that works for the benefit of almost everybody. Those who aim for profit and career are allowed to do so, and they can make a bunch of cash if they work diligently. Simultaneously billions of dollars are used to improve the lives of the poor and disenfranchised. Life is not perfect for a drug addict, but its a lot better than in most nations.

Imagine being continuously named the happiest people on Earth. Imagine having so much trust in your system that you are completely convinced that corruption does not exist and that you are that city on the hill which shines a light unto all the people on the planet. Imagine that you believe that there is no deviation from the laws which guarantee basic human rights for all the citizens of your Scandinavian welfare state.

Imagine you being completely wrong about everything you thought you knew about the country in which you live. Imagine coming to knowledge about widespread corruption. Imagine that your state only upholds human rights laws when it is indifferent to the result. Imagine your government working with some of the most shadily people you can possibly imagine.

Imagine waking up from a long and comfortable dream to find that your house is on fire.
Imagine that one of the kids you grew up with, a person not unlike most other persons you have met, has had his human rights violated in ways that you don’t even have the vocabulary to describe.

Imagine this innocent kid being systematically harassed and humiliated. Imagine how he is brainwashed into believing that he is an evil person that needs to be punished. Imagine being told that the abuse you endure is psychiatric treatment. Imagine enduring so much psychological abuse that you try to commit suicide when you are just 18 years old, leaving you with 55 scars that will never go away. Imagine never knowing freedom. Imagine your life destroyed.

Imagine finding out that most of your associates and even your family are undercover agents of some sort that have, among other abuse, successfully manipulated you into becoming a drug addict. Imagine enduring 6 years of your life with a medically induced brain damage that has completely destroyed you. Imagine being told that you need to be grateful.

Imagine that even though you told your story, most people would simply not believe you. Imagine being so apart from the reality of one’s country, that you really think that this is the best and most virtuous nation on the planet. Imagine being that brainwashed.

Then imagine how the future is going to look, for this isn’t going away.

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Writer, poet and mysticist.
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