Following the Traces of Distant Echoes

We play with the shadows on the wall arranging them for decline
Who can tell now what is right and true? How would you know?
With zero consequences we administer chaos in our midst
With no responsibility, we willingly put our life out for risk
As if we had no care in the world, as if we were eternal
As if heaven would break, we play with non-existence
As if our souls could endure it all
We unknowingly share in emptiness
Waiting for the pain to set in we have temporary joy
As the sun breaks forth and destroys the night
We gather our hope in something divine
But know it is destroyed
As if something else would come our way
Like a furious hero, we set forth to slay
But cannot know nor understand what trials are ahead
So many wounds unconsciously controlled by our traumas
Your petty life can never comprehend these infinitudes
These endless deserted beaches
These wildernesses in my dreams
These mighty trees covering the planet
These whispers in the night
This that I have seen
These truths that have been formed accordingly
This you never intended
The shadows that I play with
I arrange them into something pretty
A garden walled in my hearth
Worshipping the big sun
Setting out into it with no fear
The ground beneath me that does not exist
Yet I consider these dragons of horror heroically
Seeing clearly the path that is ahead
Returning at last to the place of love and origin

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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