The World Beyond

Man is as if trapped in matter which pulls our awareness into its orbit resulting in sin, suffering and death due to its negative influence. Man sometimes feel occasional outburst of joy and happiness, but mostly he is locked in a state of constant masochistic pain combined with mostly empty desires that can never be fulfilled.

This is the world of Satan. From the perils of the Middle Ages where farmers starved and worked until they collapsed or became psychotic right up until the Holocaust, everything proves the existence of evil though people slightly dismiss it these days calling it relative, and points to the progress of the world.

But because they have never experienced true bliss, they have nothing to compare their present state with. People are selfish and brutal and let their own kind walk the streets as homeless drug addicts while they themselves indugle in their stupid pleasures. They are so blind, that they do not even recognize their own decadence.

But the mind could open at any time, revealing a radically different state of existence. Those who see it for themselves are changed forever and are radically transformed into humble servants of the suffering human kind.

Love is just a mere metaphor and cannot truly convey what is up there. First you must experience for yourself what the mind is truly capable of, of what is there hiding plainly between the lines, but as yet unconscious.

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