They Destroy Everything

Being hardly self-conscious and aware about their place and situation in a greater macrocosmos, yet they claim to be concerned about inequality and climate change and other such ideological elements, but insists on traveling to New York to buy Christmas presents, which in their view somehow proves their undying loyalty to the oppressed people of the world.

Out of ignorance and herd behavior, they worship that which has no value. No wonder that an entire generation suffers from chronically low self-esteem and psychological issues such as anorexia or personality disorders such as borderline. Because they worship what is on the television, they are bound to become sick, because the shows on television are made by people for which profit is everything.

And because they are constantly exposed to dishonest people who want to make a profit either directly or through advertisements, this is in turn makes people live lifes that are phony and superficial, because that is all they know. Consumers are not as such connected to reality but live in a sort of non-existence where nothing makes sense, and it is this inability of consciousness, or lack of awareness, that drives them insane, even though they seem to thrive in it.

But it is only possible for the false self to exist in an artificial world. And because it is artificial they disconnect from their true identity, which is to be a being made of Love and Light. Because they are unable to establish fulfilling connections with others that aren’t reduced to their social value they are cast into disorder and compensate by being excessively concerned about status. Hence we get celebrities.

It is no joke. Consider how it would be to exist in a world where your only value is how much you can buy and the look of your body and face. Everything has been reduced to artificiality. Nothing is about the good, the true and the beautiful. Though some of them claim to value “emotionality” and “personality”, what they really want is base superficiality. You are the content of your wallet, and nothing else.

You are judged by your consumer products, designer clothes, your fitness body, how much luxurious food you can buy, your expensive vacations. So you are not a human being worthy of love, but have been reduced to the value of your lifestyle.

Yet, somehow people claim that they believe in love, but really this is vanity or narcissism. They want to imagine themselves as being on the side of goodness, even though they have never proved that they belong there.

They might claim that “there is something there” such as a conscience or the feeling of love, but this is just another perversion of the truth. They want to have a conscience because they have been told by the ads that it is necessary to have one.

Though they have healthy bodies, they have the mind of a drug addict, which is to say that they are sick. Like the drug addict selfishly pursues his next fix, they are driven into dysfunction by their desire to appear important in front of people.

Narcissism is simply an adaptation strategy for surviving in a cruel world. Because the self is constantly threatened by hostility it creates a dysfunctional strategy to survive. It is the result of a lack of love, and for most there are no healing. But we can start by recognizing ourselves as broken beings, and then carefully separating ourselves from our false self to unravel that core made of charity.

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