The Problem and the Solution

People approach a spiritual teacher because they want to solve the problem of existing in the material realm. Bodily things works because they use energy, but since they cannot produce it themselves, they are dependent on an external energy source, and this necessarily produces the dilemma of suffering.

Since they exist in time and space, they necessarily experience being constrained. But what they don’t realize is that life is something that happens to them, and not what they are.

The solution is so simple that any true spiritual teacher will do anything to hide the truth for their students so as not to trivialize it.

The truth is simply that you exist unrestricted by time and space and materiality. You transcend it, and so you are unconstrained.

You are neither a genus nor an individual and so death and suffering cannot contain you.

Meanwhile though, you have to solve the problem of being a slave to the body and its various needs and desires.

And this is why they become evil. Evil is the perfect adaptation or strategy for a material organism. But it is simultaneously absolute ignorance, and as they say…. Ignorance is bliss.

Wotan did not sacrifice one of his eyes for wisdom. They came in the night and took out both of his eyes, and the knowledge of that cruelty is what he considered wisdom to be in this realm.

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