Individualism is a Personality Disorder

To live in the modern world is to be lost in a maze one is hardly able to grasp. We no longer understand who we are and where we come from, and this where we are going, and in this sense our life is an illusion in that what we think we are is untrue.

They claim that we should be able to define who we are, but they fail to grasp that one is not allowed to define oneself as that would be like the fantasy of a seven-year old. Reality is not something we define, but is something that is defined for us, that we then have to decipher and understand, and in this sense they have build a world that does not exist, since we no longer understand who we are or what our true purpose is.

Consumerism has created an illusion for the ego. Our culture is designed to devalue you until you decide that you can only become somebody by playing the game of Capitalism. And so we live in the age of the ego, and this over-evaluation of one’s ego cuts one of from one’s true self-identity. We live with a false ego that are artificially designed to have certain beliefs, a bit like how an animal can be trained.

The Western man is insane because he has been taught that he is an end in itself, when the truth is that he is just one instance of an individual from a generation of human kind. Nothing in that sense exists for itself, but to realize it’s purpose which is a definable thing, like the Sun has a purpose. We are the human race, and we are concerned with realizing ourselves as a race.

We are not here to be free or enjoy ourselves or to buy material objects, to become wealthy, to be an anarchist, or what ever it is we think we are here to do.

Consumerism and popculture is the singlest greatest thought-disease of the entire human history. He is force-fed ignorance that are designed to be delusional in its lack of connectedness with the true, and therefore he is in some sense insane, a schizophrenic who lives in a fictional world, though not of his own design, but by the people that run this place.

To become sane, the Western man should approach a spiritual teacher that will teach them humility, and some vital self-knowledge.

The Middle Class and the wealthy should be beaten firmly with a stick, and forced into submission, or we will have a bunch of insane idiots like Kanye West who thinks they should contaminate society with their depravities.

No one in my society is allowed to live a self-indulgent and hedonistic lifestyle or in moral and spiritual decay, and the enemies of goodsness, and therefore God purify at the stake so as to remove the Devil from our midst.

About Emil Hjort

Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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