When something is holy or sacred, it means that it is to be venerated. To fail to do so would be to desecrate it. Thus when we say that life is holy, it means that to kill life would be to violate or desecrate it. I think the word sacred or holy should be used especially in the sense of the moral laws that have been given to us by God. To fail to obey them would make one unholy or desecrated.

It can also be used about the Divinity itself, and for places and objects that are considered to be connected with the Divinity. This at the same time means that a holy place can be desecrated. Notice how much of pop culture is specifically about desecrating those things which are considered sacred. This means that it is essentially unholy or satanic.

This is the essence of the rockstar culture. It is a symbolic act of rebellion against God or goodness played out in front of the masses who are too dim witted to notice what is really going on (because they have been caught of from reality and live in a fictional world where nothing makes sense because it is fundamentally based on keeping people ignorant).

It goes way back to hippie culture, and of course before that. Despite the aire vibes of love and compassion and leftism, hippie culture is essentially a rebellion against God, despite some not noticing that that is the case. Yes, and of course, Leftism, which may seem benign but is in essence a turning a-way from God.

What they fail to realize is to violate the holy comes at a terrible price for one’s soul. It’s a violation against nature. It is to destroy in oneself something of immense profundity. The result is a perversity, something too ugly to behold.

For there to be goodness, there too must be evil. Now let us pray for our brethren who has fallen from the path that they may recieve into their broken hearts that light which is the source of beauty, that light that upholds the world and is the source of existence, and that forgives and condemns by the Law, for that is the power that have been entrusted to our Beloved Saviour. Blessed is He, the Almighty.

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Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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