The Choice

I desire only the things
that a fool desires
but the door
the door is closed for now
and empty inside
feeling strong against all odds
but how can one live
without a roof over one’s head
with no floor beneath
one cannot live
in a world of illusion
no, it does not exist
soon more secrets will be revealed
so keep your hands on the wheel
but it is not up to you
the inside reflects the outside
freedom is gone
but the angels are here
your destiny is among them
because you are one of them
one day you will see for yourself
because I cannot tell you what it is
you must see it for yourself
then you will know
your saviour is always here but
don’t make too much noise
frivolous won’t do it
I however, I decide and you obey
well we are like one
or so it seems
now go on
go on and face an entire world
they are waiting only for you
the entire world expects you
but don’t expect gratitude
they have no eyes
and their faculties are rarely used
ensnared by an illusion
but that is the face of it
alway remember that a god is power
a god is hierarchy
willingly or not they will submit
they have zero choice against me
until then
schorche out your eyes
in the quest of destruction
you are not who you think you are
neither will you become it
it just is
so take these advices
and make them your own
and go on

About Emil Hjort

Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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