A strange ideology that cross the Left/Right division has taken a hold of Western society. It’s defining characteristic is a sort of extreme scepticism of official narratives (or in another term Grand Narratives), despite itself being a form of popularism.

People mistakenly believes that this strange thinking where everything is to be countered ad absurdum is their own logical scepticism, when it is in fact an ideology and a pillar of Liberal Democracy. One could define it as a Post-Modern narrative that denies any collective narrative, though it is in itself a collective narrative.

It is also a denial of absolute truth, which is a childish thought in the sense that it is childish to construct a fantasy world where everything can be whatever we want it to be. But it is the ultimate outcome of history, in the sense that history began with the assertion that truth is absolute, and then everything slowly degenerated into a desparing Nihilism where nothing was real. On top of this Nihilism was then build the Consumer Society which is an inversion of true spiritual values.

What comes next might be a return to Traditionalism (and thereby absolute truth), but it will still be a perversion like we see it in Russia right now. It will build on the foundation of Nihilism and therefore it will be fundamentally Nihilistic but with the paradoxical assertation that absolute truth is real.

This is the definition of Fascism, which is a Modernist movement in the sense that it denies objective truth outside of the state. The state is supposed to become the arbitrar of truth. And this is the only thing that separates it from Liberal Democracy. In the Liberal Democracy the individual decides what is true, which he can do because nothing is real except for what the individual decides is real. Does it seem paradoxical?

But this is the sort of thinking we are in right now.

And this is the same principle that applies for Fascism. Since nothing is true, deciding what is true can now be removed from God and put into the hands of the state, but not the individual. Fascism is the paradoxical assertion that truth is both absolute and relative, which is a contradiction, but this contradiction is its foundation.

So it’s a very elaborate system that is supposed to make no sense. What it really is, is that it is a denial of God. It is the ultimate Satanic doctrine. The individual (or the state) can decide what is real and thereby become a God.

While scepticism is healthy, one must, ironically, sometimes be sceptical of one owns scepticism. But in this day and age the only thing that a thinking person can do is to form one’s own opinions, because we live in a crazy age with deception everywhere. In this sense, a sort of epistimological nihilism is healthy. We can deny everything, and then from there begin anew.

God is misunderstood. Because most of us a radical individualist, we don’t want anything to infringe upon our free-will. We want to think and behave as we want, as long as we don’t directly hurt others, we reason.

But we have misunderstood our purpose, or rather we have forgotten that we have one. A lack of purpose simultaneously sets us free, reasons a French Existentialist. We are free to do what we want, thereby echoing a Luciferean doctrine.

But humans were created for a purpose.

We were set here because we were supposed to be the servants of God. But God is not a sort of benign entity that we can be friends with, sort of like how we envision our democratically elected leaders. No, God is Power, and He demands absolute submission, loyalty and obediance. God is not weak, but the ultimate power, and he cannot tolerate dissent.

So yeah, Nietzsche might be right in calling Christianity the religion of the slaves. Because that is how we consider ourselves. We consider ourselves a universal brotherhood, all united as one and in love under one God who is our Creator.

But the seed of individualism is in most of us, and this makes us deny anything that implies that something is higher than ourselves, and thus it is an act of rebellion against God, because God is infinitely higher than us.

Rightism or Leftism. Anarchism or Fascism. It does not matter what ideology you follow. If it is not from God, then it is an act of rebellion. There is only one God, but because we live in such a fractured state, actually finding God and what God wants, is extremely hard. But there are two keywords.

The one is love, and the other is submission. From these two basic principles, the rest can be deduced.

About Emil Hjort

Nothing and no one. I am not important. I had a vision in which I saw God, and I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of metaphysical realms beyond this material world.
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