We judge people superficially on what they are not and always undervalue what people truly are. No one sane wnats to be remembered for being something great, because this is a twisted picture of our true nature. We are simple and subjective people who to the world seems like someone we are not.

We are private and we do not overvalue ourselves, but looks at our being as a complicated mechanism of experiences and emotions, desires and fears, and ideas about the world and self. Defining oneself by fame and power or monetary value creates a flawed picture of who we are.

We are ascetics of mind and body, meaning that we deprive the mind of arrogance and narcissism and that we do not define ourselves our others by false values such as caste or amount of possessions. We have ventured out into the desert to deprive ourselves of society and to find God. But this puts us at a variance against most people, as they are defined by their place in the hierarchy.

But we must make ourselves simple and happy, and endure this because we like to think that we have found something superior. But it remains a great sacrifice that can be felt and touched.

Rather than starting ferom the bottom then, we pull ourselves out of it to remain what we truly are, which is to be noble in the sense of having a beautiful soul which is wise, brave and compassionate.

We hope to someday be released from the bondage of belonging to a material body.

This means that we will lack certain things that we really need because it scares away people.

Our minds and body are toughened by years of adversity and fighting, and this puts us at an advantage because we can do with little, and thus we gain paitence and a a clear vision of what we were meant to be, which is to combine philosophy and theology with a close association with nature and our roots.

Being judged by superficialities necessarily produces mental health issues and a false sense of identity. We as men were meant to be rough and enduring, knowing very well how to survive in a complicated society. We force our way through and make emptiness our true identity.

As spontaneous and creative insights and ideas illuminates us, we live struggling and with occasional outburts of tenderness and love, and this is the true way. We are the forest people who came and provided abundance of life for the glory of the human race, and this is born and baptized in an ascetic heart.

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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