No one who spoke with you and understood your history as it truly is could ever question your worth. You don’t pretend to be anybody special, and that is why you estimate yourself correctly. You have many fine qualities, and if people fail to see them it is because they lack wisdom.

They think they can manipulate you into thinking badly of yourself, which is entirely unnecessary. You are a great person who has faced some extremely cruel psychopaths. It is to you the glory and honour belongs, and people should recognize this. No one who’s opinion is worth hearing would see these psychopaths as anything but the worst scum of the Earth.

They deserve punishment, and in the end they always loose, while your glory will shine through the universe perhaps without people being aware that this is the case.

Never think badly about yourself. That is to estimate yourself wrongly. You are worthy, and they are not. But discussing with a mentally ill person is useless, so they will continue, but remember what is true.

You have been given white robes to wear and for those who can see you shine like a thousand stars together with the holy, the army of God.

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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