The One Who Was Forgotten

The vision is to see it clearly
The broken thoughts the disurbed solutions
Holding as if we should escape
From here at the hour that is near
Solutions melt and intercourse we see
As if these barbarities and dreamers of all to soon
Gets along in a dark way and decay as I see it through
The destines that intertwine and cover up
The world
As I see it through these days
These dark gallays of monstrous magnetic shields
I know where to go but not the steps that leads out
Trapped but feeling God is close
As if we had a vision
A visoon
Go now and find the truths
These bastards and their cause
These things that over everything
These visions
These visons that humble
These dark places where we meet foir the last time
Before we go it alone
We sense each other through the spearhes
These spheres of different beasts
These stars and the transcendence
These moons and planets
Humans so small
Thee men we think are gracious
Theze powers of mine
These alterations that I send
These powers that forget and use without cause
See them through
See them through and cover them again
These visons
Go now and find your destiny
I promise you will like it
Nothing special nothing new
Just your mark upon the throne
These servants that you master
These humble folks at your knee
You who teaches destinies
And put them properly in place where they deserve
To gather forth
To sprread again
To gather forth these rays of sunshine
To dwell secretly and uniquely
These vibrations that you speak
These sunsets that we see
These mornings that will come
This ever flowing time
This that I know and have received
That which made me a man
Now go and see it all through
Right until the very end
Yes it burns between the ribs
These visions
This heart
This overwhelming love and kindness
All that matters now is to see it through
Victory is yours forever

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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