Beyond Now

The dreams occur in the distance
While we shatter our bleakest hope
As if these movements were spontanious
Could look at it with terror in my eyes
These beings – darkness and no light
These hours – passing on inevetably
Hardness spoils the secret longings
Overwhelmed by the strength meant to pass
Weaponized, and onward for the possibility of
Reaching that place with no name
The possibility of destroying the signs
But nonetheless we have to go
Destroying our last corner
The last refugee of the night falls asleep

There is in these thoughts some unnecessary damage
It spoils it all and claim uniqueness
But someday we will see it clearly
Rest assured for the moment it is gone
Resting as if ever at peace with itself
Gone now and never coming back again
Resting as if tranquil
Resting as if consuming the worlds
We must go on through irredeemable landscapes
Something comes along
Hiding in the shadows yet moving
These fears
I see it clearly
Lifting me away
Carrying me away and never safe before
The hour that is occuring
Set the sails and go onward now

I tell you it is empty
Nothing except the thought reflecting
Ever sensing the presence of danger
A thought that could contain even them
Those that prey
Making trouble and killing
Yes see me now as I am
I am nothing yet look at me

Sensing what must come nearer
These nights I am awake
Nearer ever before it is late
The night is chilling but
Out there is our goal and destiny
As if we were here now
Here now and again
The possibilites are denying us the oppourtunity
Self-reflecting thoughts are calm
Deny not my slow passing away from here
Deny me not as I am
Go look for it out there
It is out there
Yet inside since we discovered the source

The thought contains it all
Removed from emotions it is bound to end
Never to reach these shores again
Transcending and finding the unique
Transcending out of here to find
Stolen goods and neighberhoods of lust
I sense its completeness
Coming soon

Nothing is generated regardless
All is made for a goal
To reach the shore
To never look back
Storms, I see.. A wilderness destroyed
No sanctuary
It is gone now

We must master these emotions
Setting out before it is too late
It is all too late now
It is gone, nihil

Nihil and out of nowhere
The passing
The genuine miracle
And stones
It is gone now

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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