Willingly betraying the senses
Nothing is taken for granted
Fear conspires with gratitude
And pleasant thoughts deny
The fear is taken for granted
But nothing is beyond denail

The beauty is something denied
The hearts are melting volcanoes
Beyond is a vision defining
The last of its kind undefined
Description is something blind
It only calls for experience

Compare it if you will with the Sun
Grandiose but not up for discussion
Soon you will know for yourself
Nothing should be taken for granted
Idiocy is the bringer of illusion
Storms develop the cause

Destiny is not called for
Since we discovered its source
Life will define your final causes
What could they possibly bring
Except platitudes and false worlds
Power is what is taken for granted

Silence and refuge denies the logic
Civilization is properly an advantage
But then again – who knows?
Society controls the logic
Acting as a base center of disruption
But don’t go beyond the logic

Science is up for discussion
Properly since it is lost
Dawning upon them too late
Nothing will be taken for granted
Pain is the necessary component
Murder the only logic

The lame is about to expect it
But arriving too late for a solution
Cry for the lost and desparing
You saw what nature beholds
Now don’t expect an advantage
Everything will be revealed in the end

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