There is in you some element of the Divine. You fail to comprehend it on a deep level because you are fitted only with a human mind, which is fallible and fragile.

This Divine element is the cause behind the apparent self-existing ego, or who you are as a person. This does not deconstruct ego as such, but points to a deeper, and hidden, working of the mind, which you are partly conscious of.

You exist as a potentiality, meaning that you do not take shape of your own accord. You are real in the sense that you are really there, but you are not your own principle.

You are not God as such either, because though God might be found in you, you are not in God. In some sense, yes, you remind people of God, like a statue takes the shape of the artists intentions and abilities. In this way you are the product of God, and therefore you become after the abilities of God.

Now, but you should learn to control the ego, which means that you should give up your apparent self-will. Do not try to control things after your own desire. You must submit to a higher being and become after His intentions.

He will guide you to where you need to be. He sees much that you do not, and perhaps he will use his wisdom to help you against your enemies.

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