Nothing Stays

Gentle nature but silent hearts
Enveloped with the masses but out of touch
Going besides the point but reaching out
Never arriving but setting forth
Going backwards as if caught with stains
Yet ever rotating as if illumined by a thought
That could gather and bestow the few remainaints
With a bit of luck
Silently but not enough
Lakes are swimming with sharks
But nothing comes between
Silently but to no avail
Yet it must come along
Denied as if on a cross
It must come along

Backwards and out of touch
Speaking concepts that could avail
But not a whole lot
The gifts of the Sun are selfless
A terrible tyranny under no oath
But it is to come
And so we must but not today
Sitting silently beneath the Moon
Watching their wayward thoughts
Holding no one obliged
Grateful for the choosen few
Look as it comes about

Not too ambitious
And not yet drowning
But carefully gathering the obvious
Seeing neither above or below
Really getting the last decay
Sensing shadows
But nothing of importance
Lost in the midst of decay
Journey is a path through negliance
Neglected but not yet a child
As if these words were interpreted
By an insignificant mind
Oblivious to any sensible details
But not decaying
Celebrating because of the night
Joyful as if spotted on sight

Trees and their shades and shadows
Wildernessess as in my thoughts
Lions all about but not today
Free because of the essential thoughts
But not today
Union is holy and here to stay
Intercourse and meetings of mind
But not meant to stay
Everything united at a certain point
Coming out of war
Coming as if tranquil
Resentments are broken but few remains
Lastly the will and it is here to stay

The world is changed by a thought
Nothing unites us except the pain
Coming along is the final rage
But then again not here to stay
Nothing is interpreted
Neither is morning as good as they say
Evening is what comes along and so they say
The world consists of changes
And so it stays

Awareness is the final decay

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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