Against forces unknown
Challenges the deepest structures
Rides on a brain wave toward filth
Getting not the essential
Understanding not the cause
Stating blankly the intentions
Formulating a reply
My acts are filled beyond idle hours
Consuming what once was
Beyond the grave is destruction
The mountain is my exhaltation
The pain surmounts
Getting closer to the center
Coming soon is the storm
Depraved acts surrounds me
Seeing clearly where others fail
Bound to a stereotype
But living vivedly it is repeated
Acts fails
Thoughts deny
Chances are I get out alive

Beyond the grave lies a hidden addiction
The vision is to see it clearly
That path that is ahead
We went beyond them
In total negation
Complete acts that surrender
Seeing now what I have lost
Depravity is essential
The corpses stinks
And walks around
While in this manhood
I see it all so clearly
Beyond it finds contempt
It is all beyond regret

This weltanschauung is clear
The sick finds it
The condemned walks it
Nothing beyond the border
Nothing beyond repair
Nothing is clearly the only answer left
Total non-existence and annihilation
My own negation
This is it
This is the murderous depraved act
See it clearly in a vision
This is it and you are on the path
Towards negation
No existence
No answer
No call
Only total end

About Emil Hjort

Writer, poet and mysticist.
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