Thinly conceived
Thinly in grave
Eating nothing
Enjoying nothing
Getting out of hand
The right to vote
Such a filthy lie
Collapsed through exhaustion
Nothing to fill tummy
Regardless of the stories
Unregarded by the public
Nothing hits the media
Mass graves are dug
Holocaust is a term
Nothing can describe
Unusual thoughts collide
Suicide is a lie
Dawning all too late
Is the disfigurement
My entangled body
Understanding not consequences
The public is a lie
Filthy pigs
Can describe
Superficial notions
Nothing can describe
And this is the end
But go on a bit
You will pay
Deserting children
Hiding them between the lies
Nothing collides
Deserted and disfigured
And this is the end
Society is an empty lie
Filth hides in our midst
Shady observations
Corrupt is inside
Corrupt and empty
Corrupt and not divine

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