Difference Between Power and Love

Joseph Stalin with Nikolai Yezhov

Because of the fact that some people are incapable of love and empathy, they have learned to derive pleasure and existential fulfillment from other sources. They are in essence the psychopath that only superficially appear to have any emtions.

They derive their pleasure from having power over others, and often in an abusive way. There is nothing worse than a psychopath with power, because if he can get away with it, like Joseph Stalin, he will use it to crush anything that he considers a threat, or for his own enjoyment because he just enjoys torture and murder.

There are two kind of people in the world. The one seeks love and the other seeks power. Of course, it is not that simple, because the ones who love seeks some kind of power too, and vice verse. But if we could boil people down to their essences, we would discover that the essence of one group is love and the other power.

The difference between love and power is that you cannot force people to love you. Love can only truly exist when it is given freely, and that makes it the opposite of power, because power is coercion. Power wants to gain control over other human beings and diminish their free-will, while love wants to exist in a relationship where people’s choice is held to be holy.

Love seeks refuge in the preservation of the emotional bonds that we have developed, and it wants to further refine it as an act of total and complete charity against which nothing can be denied. It is holy in the best sense of the word. It cannot be counteracted. Coercion cannot as such delete it, it can only temporarily make it vanish from the surface, but it remains in the deepest part of our soul always. We can never change who we are.

Likewise Power will continue his maddened fury and rage against any opponent and in complete and abject ignorance.

In the end we come to be defined by our acts which were freely given from deep within, from that place which is the source of our being. This place is undefinable, except that we know it to be a cause. It causes us to become who we should be.

We can call the place ‘Unity’ or ‘No Division’, because if it is a cause then it should be clear that it must in some sense be in the effect, like an artist in some sense is in his painting. It becomes after his experience, knowledge and skill. Likewise, we are created in the image of our Creator.

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