The damned seeks the possession of
The intricacies
Finding the necessary though not the obvious
Getting along to the final edge
Seeking fulfillment
But not to worry
Time will come to tell the tale

Sessions and hours spend on idle thoughts
Finding excesses though not to waste
Getting along
On the edge
Solitary facing the front
Of ten thousand miles
A stredge

Goings and comings are the work
The work that must be done
To complete the task
Spending idle hours contemplating
The work
It is here to stay
Yet not

The feber is running high
They are watching you now
Knowing your details
But not understanding why
Lastly they will forget
Even the sensible
But it must pass

Future is to behold
In a single thought the undivided
The end is to know the beginning
And then it will come
Your senses are strong
Though not undivided
See it for what it is

The bane of a thousand worlds
Is my secret name
I am the lord and kingship
I am here to stay
The disfigurement
Is here to stay
Sense not its presence

For a little while you will know
Something something destined
Destined to ruin
But then it opens itself up
And reveals what it contains
But then it is revealed

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