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To obscure the masses

Underneath and within to grasp unknowability and supreme is within everything and without Damned the few awaiting conclusions follows in steps overturned my world now found in chains In a black night I came across it it opened and came … Continue reading

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The magic bond goes beyond logic finding at the bottom of the sea the necessary conclusions followed by a reason Glitch and uncool but destined like a hurricane from distant lands came the plague Like an opinionated addict firstly and … Continue reading

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Beyond the horizon

Stunned but open to receive the welcome of the host has been delayed Since we perpetuate this old argument burned by the flame Moved by a thought perceived as a problem because it got out of hand Yesterdays problems are … Continue reading

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Hindu Gods

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Establishing patterns like a machine but unsuccessfull in its orbit flying saucers appears Like a tender bear show for money they all seem to care Narcotic in essence bitter and sweet tastes like an insect Butter on the tree honey … Continue reading

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Naked and Equal

Death reveals who we truly are, because in front of it we shed excessive layers and our costumes. We are not our superficial layers such as our clothes, bank account, car or job. These things do not as such belong … Continue reading

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The World, Ego and God

You must learn to see God in everything. As now, you see God nowhere. It is as if He is hidden, or even that He does not exist. But this is all a matter of perspective. What we see in … Continue reading

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Defining God

For there to be anybody there, there must simultaneously be somebody who is not there. This means in fact that to be something is to be something which one is not. There cannot be any measurement of the immesruable. This … Continue reading

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Murky Waters Obey

Forget senseless hours seems like it was true but nevertheless fake Seemingly cruel as a wayward gesture daylight shines but obeys laws are made to endure Finding comfort in drunkenness siding with the nebula but understanding power of flame There … Continue reading

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The thought is essential must be hustler hustling the hustlers or to be hustled Weapons is essential and so is war must be prepared to kill to slaughter in the name Honour is essential to kill without mercy ready to … Continue reading

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